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Parking garages / structures: List

The database currently contains a total of 137 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 1180 Peachtree 2006 Atlanta (GA) USA in use
2 16-19 Canada Square London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
3 Aalen Parking Garage 2001 Aalen (BW) Germany in use
4 Aalen Station Park & Ride Garage Aalen (BW) Germany in use
5 Alexanderplatz Underground Parking Garage 2010 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
6 Annecy City Hall Underground Parking Garage 1995 Annecy (74) France in use
7 Atocha Station Parking Garage Madrid Spain in use
8 AutoTürme 2000 Wolfsburg (NI) Germany in use
9 Avignon Market Hall 1974 Avignon (84) France in use
10 Bahnhof Ingolstadt Nord Ingolstadt (BY) Germany in use
11 Bakuninskaya Street Parking Garage 2005 Moscow Russia in use
12 Barbarossaplatz Underground Parking Garage 2013 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
13 Battery Parking Garage New York (NY) USA in use
14 Belval-Université P&R Parking Garage 2013 Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg in use
15 Billund Airport Car Park 2002 Billund Denmark in use
16 Bosch Car Park 2007 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
17 Brauhausstrasse Parking Garage Fulda (HE) Germany in use
18 Brunel Bus Station and Car Park Slough (GB-ENG) United Kingdom demolished
19 California Science Center Parking Structure Los Angeles (CA) USA in use
20 Caminho do Passo Tunnel Madeira Portugal in use
21 Capital Garage 1926 Washington USA demolished
22 Carport of the Waste Management Company Munich 1999 Munich (BY) Germany dismantled
23 Carrousel du Louvre 1993 Paris (75) France in use
24 Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) Parking Structure 2006 Luxembourg Luxembourg in use
25 Charles Street Car Park Sheffield (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
26 Confluence Shopping Center Lyon (69) France in use
27 Darse Nord 2019 La Condamine Monaco under construction
28 Downtown Center Garage 1954 San Francisco (CA) USA in use
29 El Jardin de Pizarro Valencia Spain in use
30 Elbphilharmonie 2017 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
31 Ernsting's Family Parking Garage 2006 Coesfeld (NRW) Germany in use
32 Erweiterungsneubau Parkhaus Zoo 2011 Leipzig (SN) Germany in use
33 Europa-Passage 2006 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
34 Extension of the Schadow-Arkaden Car Park 2015 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
35 Fourth Street Garage San Jose (CA) USA in use
36 Garage du Pont de l'Europe 1919 Paris (75) France in use
37 Gare Bordeaux Saint-Jean Belcier 2017 Bordeaux (33) France in use
38 Giggijoch Parking Garage Sölden (TIR) Austria in use
39 Globus Department Store (Zurich) 1969 Zurich (ZH) Switzerland in use
40 Government Center Garage 1970 Boston (MA) USA under demolition
41 Graetschelsteig Parking Garage 1990 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
42 Grossgarage Grüze 1975 Winterthur (ZH) Switzerland in use
43 Halle Brauhauban 2013 Tarbes (65) France in use
44 Hanielgarage 1951 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
45 Hard Rock Hotel Parking Garage Las Vegas (NV) USA in use
46 Ikea Parking Garage 1917 Essen (NRW) Germany in use
47 Intourist Garage 1936 Moscow Russia in use
48 ISS Dome Parking Garage Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
49 J. F. Kennedy Parking Garage 2005 Rennes (35) France in use
50 Jahrhunderthalle Bochum Parking Garage Bochum (NRW) Germany in use
51 Kant Parking Garage 1930 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
52 Kongressgarage 1924 Aachen (NRW) Germany in use
53 Krautstrasse Parking Garage 1989 Memmingen (BY) Germany in use
54 L'Umbracle Valencia Spain in use
55 Le Testimonio 2006 La Rousse Monaco in use
56 Leipzig/Halle Airport Parking Garage 2000 Schkopau (ST) Germany in use
57 Les Berges Underground Parking 1992 Castres (81) France in use
58 Les Célestins Parking Garage 1994 Lyon (69) France in use
59 Les Rives de l'Etoile 2008 Strasbourg (67) France in use
60 Maasboulevard Tunnel and Parking Garage 2003 Maastricht Netherlands in use
61 Mannheim Bus Terminal 2007 Mannheim (BW) Germany in use
62 Marina City 1964 Chicago (IL) USA in use
63 Mercato Coperto Metronio 1957 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
64 Messe Essen P5 Essen (NRW) Germany in use
65 Metropolis Las Vegas 2006 Las Vegas (NV) USA in use
66 Mönchsberggaragen 1975 Salzburg (SBG) Austria in use
67 Münster Central Station Bicycle Parking 1999 Münster (NRW) Germany in use
68 Neumarkt Underground Car Park Dresden (SN) Germany in use
69 Niederhafen Flood Protection Structure 2018 Hamburg (HH) Germany under construction
70 North Campus Parking Structure 2014 Evanston (IL) USA in use/under construction
71 North Garage (Prospect Avenue) 1993 Princeton (NJ) USA in use
72 Northwestern University Visitor Center 2014 Evanston (IL) USA in use
73 Nova Zembla 2001 Utrecht Netherlands in use
74 Novartis Campus Access Building and Underground Car Park Basel (BS) Switzerland in use
75 Oberhausen Central Station Parking Stack Oberhausen (NRW) Germany in use
76 Olimpisky Prospect 5 Moscow Russia in use
77 Opération Entrée de Ville Ouest Supérieure 2023 Les Moneghetti Monaco under construction
78 Opération Testimonio II 2019 Le Larvotto Monaco project phase
79 P 5 Parking Garage 2006 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
80 P+R Fröttmaning 1994 Munich (BY) Germany in use
81 P20 Parking Garage 2003 Oberding (BY) Germany in use
82 Park & Ride Liesing Vienna Austria in use
83 Park-and-Ride-Anlage Graz-Fölling Graz (STM) Austria in use
84 Parkhaus Rathauspassagen Berlin (BE) Germany in use
85 Parkhaus Stadthaus/Kölnarena 1998 Cologne (NRW) Germany in use
86 Parkhaus Stiftsforum Dortmund (NRW) Germany in use
87 Parkhaus Zoo 2004 Leipzig (SN) Germany in use
88 Parkhochhaus an der Hauptwache 1956 Frankfurt (HE) Germany in use
89 Parking des Pêcheurs 1982 Monaco-ville Monaco in use
90 Parking Étoile P2 Cinéma Strasbourg (67) France in use
91 Parking Garage at Wasserburg 2001 Wasserburg am Inn (BY) Germany in use
92 Parking Garage P 4 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
93 Parking Garage P 8 2005 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
94 Parking Les Halles Lyon 1970 Lyon (69) France in use
95 Parking Stack Posenerstraße in Sindelfingen Sindelfingen (BW) Germany in use
96 Parkings Sud-Est d'Euralille Lille (59) France in use
97 Parkovaya Ulitsa 9 2004 Moscow Russia in use
98 Pavelló del Prat Gran Escaldes-Engordany Andorra in use
99 PIER EINS Parking Garage 2005 Duisburg (NRW) Germany in use
100 Pionierska Parking Garages 1965 Bratislava Slovakia in use