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Multiple-span cable-stayed bridges: List

The database currently contains a total of 46 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Abraham Lincoln Bridge 2015 Louisville (KY) USA in use
2 Binzhou Yellow River Binzhou Bridge 2004 Binzhou China in use
3 Busan-Geoje Bridge (II) 2010 Busan South Korea in use
4 Chishi Bridge Rucheng China in use
5 Coast Meridian Overpass 2010 Port Coquitlam (BC) Canada in use
6 Dongting Lake Bridge 2000 Yueyang China in use
7 Dongting Lake Grand Bridge 2019 Yueyang China in use
8 Erqi Yangtze River Bridge 2011 Wuhan China in use
9 General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge 1962 Maracaibo (Zulia) Venezuela in use
10 Golden Jubilee Bridges 2003 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
11 Harsefeld Footbridge 2019 Harsefeld (NI) Germany in use
12 Jiashao Bridge 2013 Jiaxing China in use
13 Jinan Jianbang Yellow River Bridge 2010 Jinan China in use
14 La Arena Viaduct 1992 Abanto y Ciérvana-Abanto Zierbena Spain in use
15 Ma'anshan Bridge 2013 Ma'anshan China in use
16 Mersey Gateway Bridge 2017 Runcorn (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
17 Mezcala Viaduct 1993 Guerrero (GRO) Mexico in use
18 Millau Viaduct 2004 Millau (12) France in use
19 Möbelhaus Kröger Footbridge Essen (NRW) Germany in use
20 Morsa River Footbridge Eastern Region Iceland in use
21 Munksjöbron 2006 Jönköping Sweden in use
22 Murom Oka River Bridge 2009 Murom Russia in use
23 Museumssteg 1978 Steyr (OOE) Austria in use
24 New Peace Bridge Buffalo (NY) USA project phase
25 Nhật Tân Bridge 2015 Hanoi Vietnam in use
26 Parc de la Villette Elevated Footpath Paris (75) France in use
27 Pedro Nunes Square Footbridge Alcácer do Sal Portugal in use
28 Pelješac Bridge 2022 Komarna Croatia under construction
29 Plock Yacht Port Pier 2011 Plock (MZ) Poland in use
30 Polcevera Viaduct 1967 Genoa (LG) Italy collapsed
31 Queensferry Crossing 2017 Queensferry (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use
32 Rhythm City Skybridge 2005 Davenport (IA) USA in use
33 Rion-Antirion Bridge 2004 Rion Greece in use
34 Secchia River Footbridge 2009 Sassuolo (ER) Italy in use
35 Second Macau-Taipa Crossing 1994 Macau China in use
36 Sele Pipeline Bridge V Campania (CM) Italy in use
37 Sele Pipeline Bridge VI Campania (CM) Italy in use
38 Sele Pipeline Bridge VII Campania (CM) Italy in use
39 Skywalk (Hannover Messe) 1998 Hanover (NI) Germany in use
40 Stokkenbrug Purmerend Netherlands in use
41 Ting Kau Bridge 1998 Hong Kong China in use
42 Tomblaine Footbridge 2005 Nancy (54) France in use
43 Viaducto sobre la ría del Asón 1993 Colindres Spain in use
44 Wadi Abdoun Bridge 2006 Amman Jordan in use
45 Yiling Yangtze River Bridge 2001 Yichang China in use
46 Zhengzhou Yellow River Bridge 2010 Zhengzhou China in use