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Ventikas I & II – One of the highest capacity wind parks in Mexico

In April 2014, Acciona Energy was awarded a new wind farm project known as Ventikas I & II. The wind park is one of the highest capacity wind farms in Mexico. Acciona will operate the new park for 20 years. The project is located approx. 60 km east of the town of General Bravo in the federal state of Nuevo León, roughly 80 km from the US border.

Within the scope of the project, two wind parks with a capacity of 126 MW each are being built. A total of 84 wind towers with 120 m high prefabricated concrete towers and Type AW 116/3000 turbines are being erected. Each of the turbines has a capacity of 3 MW, and the rotor diameters measure 116 m.

DSI was awarded a contract to produce and supply wire tendons for the two wind parks, Ventikas I and II. The prefabricated tendons were produced in Langenfeld, Germany, and installed and tensioned by DSI Construction Spain, Acciona's partner for wind energy projects. A total of 504 tendons were necessary to prestress the wind towers. In order to perform the installation and stressing work, two of DSI Spain's specialists stayed on the jobsite for three months.

Average installation pace of three towers per week

All of the wire tendons were installed and post-tensioned in three shifts in approx. seven months. This corresponds to an average installation pace of three wind towers per week. The DSI specialists cooperated with two local installation teams. The first team was responsible for hoisting the tendons inside the towers from the bottom up. The second team carried out the stressing work on the tendons following installation.

DSI finished the installation of the tendons in November 2015. At that time, 40 % of the towers were either already producing energy or in the testing phase.

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