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TEREX Minis are Really Cleaning up

The micro excavator TC10, the mini excavators TC16 and TC20 and the compact track loader PT30 are creating space for additional attractive commercial premises and offices on Kocherquartier Platz

Schwäbisch Hall, (GERMANY), October 2012 – In Schwäbisch Hall, the former free imperial city on the River Kocher, one urban highlight after another is emerging. The historic corn houses are currently undergoing redevelopment. This building complex still stands in the shadow of the metropolitan-looking new "Kocherquartier” shopping quarter. However, this year it is intended that the three buildings should rank amongst the finest urban gems and permanently revitalize the, if anything, previously neglected Spitalbach area. The city-owned Grundstücks- und Wohnungsbaugesellschaft (GWG) Schwäbisch Hall is investing two million euros in connecting the 100 million euro project to the old town.

The renowned medium-sized construction company, Hans Fuchs in Ellwangen, was commissioned with the task of redeveloping the corn houses. A Terex mini excavator TC16, which carved out the soil material using a hydraulic hammer, and a TC20 were deployed. In addition to the mini excavators, the Terex dealer Rühle in Untermünkheim provided the brand-new micro excavator TC10 from its rental fleet. This machine, which was premiered at the Intermat in Paris in the spring of 2012, easily fits through the majority of doors if the canopy is folded forwards with a few manual interventions.

It was clear that it would take too long to remove the material carved out by the mini excavator from the building using wheelbarrows. Here, too, the Rühle rental company had the appropriate solution: Achim Rühle recommended the smallest Terex compact track loader, the PT30. The combination of a mini excavator and the compact track loader did indeed prove advantageous and unbeatably quick in every respect. "Thanks to the PT30 we saved two men solely while redeveloping the middle building - that was the most demanding task - whom we were able to deploy on more practical tasks than pushing wheelbarrows”, emphasized the foreman, Ralf Pittelkow. There were similar experiences in the neighboring house while quarrying out the asphalt floor area. The compact track loader also performed its tasks there in next to no time, as it were. Thanks to its excellent weight distribution and enormous wheel tread, the PT30 converted all its power into low-wear traction. In this connection, the subsoil of the asphalt floor to be removed remained unaffected. The originally earmarked Terex mini excavator TC20 was able to concentrate on the corners, the difficult-to-access areas and the finishing touches.

The "secret” of the patented Posi-Track drive – from which the designation PT for the Terex compact track loaders derives - only becomes evident by closer inspection. With the Terex Delta running gear, the torque is transmitted by the chain cams gently engaging into the driveline over virtually the entire width. With other systems the teeth of the steering wheels stick in the chain. The driving comfort which the Posi-Track drive mechanism offers in combination with the cleverly designed suspension system is unique. These extremely manoeuvrable and fast machines remain steady during all loading operations – thus decreasing the loss of material Pilot-controlled joysticks enable the buckets, lifting frame and travel drive to be operated precisely and smoothly. Attachments are controlled via rollers in the joystick.

Terex Posi-Track compact track loaders also remain "cool” during high performance operations. The hydraulics always provide precisely the required power to the work equipment, meaning that no fuel is wasted and the overall system operation is cooler. With the greatest possible degree of comfort, the finely tuned hydraulics controls all functions at all engine speeds and independently from the load. "The compact track provides a smoother ride for the driver." Pittelkow is sure: Although that was the first time that we have used a Terex compact track loader, it will certainly not be the last.”

The construction company Hans Fuchs hires the small machines which are necessary for such special commissions – and a premium supplier is available in the shape of the Untermünk-based Terex dealer Rühle. "We have a very good level of cooperation with Rühle”, emphasizes Klaus Rief, the construction manager at Hans Fuchs & Co. "A wide range of loaner machines and premium service are guaranteed.” Demanding projects such as the restoration of listed buildings have ranked among the range of services of this family enterprise, which was founded as a construction business in 1907, for a number of years. Hans and Maria Fuchs laid the foundation for the modern company, whose 180 employees operate in all branches of structural and civil engineering, in 1957. Hans Fuchs has been based in Altenburg in Thuringia since 1991.

Fairness towards customers is also of paramount importance at Rühle and flexibility a trump card of this Terex dealer. "Someone who has been once will come again”, say the three executive directors of the company, not without pride. "We find a solution for all our customers' needs and problems." In this regard, proximity to the compact machine manufacturer Terex is a not inconsiderable advantage from which both Rühle and Terex profit – but most of all the customers. Rühle received two awards from Terex in 2009: as "dealer of the year" in the construction sector and as the most successful Terex Genie make telehandler dealer. Rühle was also on top among the Terex dealers in 2010 and 2011. Meanwhile the company is the main dealer and service provider for Terex Compact products in the entire Heilbronn-Franken region, the Ostalb, the Heidenheim administrative district, parts of the Neckar-Odenwald and Rems-Murr districts and the administrative district of Göppingen.

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