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Summer holidays on the Autostrada Adriatica without traffic jams

The A 14 motorway in Italy, which is also known as the Autostrada Adriatica, starts near Bologna and connects the North and the South of the country. Construction work has been completed between northern Rimini and Pedaso in order to widen the motorway from two to three lanes in each direction along a total length of 171 km.

The widening of the motorway is designed to provide relief during peak traffic that currently totals up to 107,000 vehicles per day during the summer months. In addition to the third lane, five new motorway exits and one emergency lane per direction have been constructed.

DYWIT participated in the section between the towns of Cattolica and Fano, which features several steep 45 degree slopes. In the upper slope section, safety mesh with a mesh size of 1.30 x 1.30 m was used to stabilize the slopes. DYWIT supplied 6 m long double corrosion protected Ø 26.5 mm DYWIDAG Soil Nails to secure the mesh.

Additionally, the slope toes were stabilized by several sheet pile walls. In the area of the pile heads, the sheet pile walls are tied back with 26 m long double corrosion protected Ø 36 and 40 mm DYWIDAG Bar Anchors that were subsequently grouted.

Soil nails and bar anchors with total length of approx. 90,000 m

The experienced colleagues of DYWIT provided technical support on site and supplied the equipment needed for installation and grouting. The DYWIDAG Soil Nails and Bar Anchors supplied for this project had a total length of approx. 90,000 m.

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Faenza, Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Europe - Imola, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy (1975)

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