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Shopping centre Schlosshoefe in Oldenburg, Germany

In March 2011, a new shopping centre was opened in Oldenburg's city centre. The new shopping centre is known as Schlosshoefe and includes 12,500 m² of sales area, approx. 900 m² of office space and room for cultural events.

Due to the retail centre's special architecture, the individual ceilings were constructed as post-tensioned flat slabs. The building has a total of six floor slabs, all of which were post-tensioned using the unbonded Monostrand Post-Tensioning System according to ETA-03/0036 (Z-13.72-30036).

146 t of monostrands were installed

The first three slabs were poured in eight sections, the fourth and sixth slabs were poured in three sections, and the fifth slab was poured in two sections. Some of the tendons were connected with fixed couplers and extended. The remaining monostrand tendons were installed as continuous tendons. In total, 146 t of monostrands, 705 stressing anchorages, 705 fixed anchorages and 252 fixed couplers were installed.

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