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Orchard Turn – the biggest mall in Singapore

Due to its situation in a prime location on Orchard Road, the most prestigious shopping mile in Singapore, and to its unique design, the Orchard Turn project is a landmark in urban development. Its 125 000 m² of floor space will house shops, an art gallery and a 218 m tower with luxury owner-occupied apartments and a leisure centre. The mall is being built by MERO.

Being erected on the last free plot on Orchard Road, the Orchard Turn building covers an area of 21 700 m², totally concealing the bustling Orchard Road subway station and providing underground connections between the surrounding buildings. Free-formed structures like those constructed by MERO-TSK for the New Milan Fair project represent the ultimate technical and logistical challenge. This new project once again proves MERO-TSK’s outstanding competence in applying the principle of elementized construction to the realization of free-form shell structures.

With a surface of approx. 2600 m² and an average height of approx. 32 m, the irregular wave shape of the main canopy spans the public space in front of the building. The free-form geometry is based on a rhomboid grid, with sides approx. 1.5 m long, which is clad in alternating fritted and clear safety glass panels. In addition to the main canopy, MERO-TSK is responsible for the enclosing free-form facades (SKIN, approx. 12 600 m²) which are wrapped around the building in undulating curves. To enhance the visual impression of a varied geometry, the cladding elements of the facade, made of insulating glass and perforated aluminium panels, are arranged in an irregular pattern.

These facades frame a double-curvature facade structure with triangular glass panels (SEED, approx. 3800 m²). The main canopy and the facades are constructed in the form of galvanized, colour-coated, single-layer MERO-Plus systems. LED light sources at all node points of the facade and LED monitors provide further striking aesthetic effects day and night. The facades along the retail areas and shops are constructed as all-glass structures with glass fins and point supports. Finally, the horizontal, hemi-ovoidal dome structure above the entrance to the subway station (MRT station), with double-curvature glass panels, is also part of MERO’s scope of work.

On the basis of demonstrable expertise in the field of free-formed roofs and facades, as exemplified in the New Milan Fair project, the trust of the client, the general contractor and the architects was won and the contract was awarded to MERO Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Orchard Turn, Singapore

Architect: Benoy, Hong Kong/RSP Architects, Singapore
Project architects: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd, Singapore
Client: Orchard Turn Developments Pte Ltd
General contractor: Penta Ocean Construction Co. Ltd, Singapore
Cladding: insulating glass, perforated sheet metal panels
Type of structure: MERO Plus
Start of erection: 4th quarter of 2006
Overall completion: August 2009

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