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New viaducts for flowing road traffic in Brunei

In the sultanate of Brunei on Borneo Island, 57 new road construction projects will be built which will provide for more safety in road traffic and ease congestion on the existing roads. This also includes a new flyover in the district of Gadong in the country's northeast.

Gadong is located 5 km from the capital Bandar Seri Begawan. Thanks to the new bridge at the Jalan Gadong/Jalan Telanai Junction, traffic will flow uninterrupted on Jalan Gadong Road. In addition, a new set of traffic lights will be installed for right-turning vehicles at Jalan Telanai Road.

The flyover is a three-span bridge consisting of 27 m + 36 m + 27 m spans. For these spans, 13 prestressed precast concrete (PSPC) I-girders with 36 m length each and 26 PSPC I-girders, each 27 m long, were required.

Nearly 56 t of strand installed in Gadong

In the 39 PSPC girders, the DSI licensee Utracon supplied and installed 182 strand tendons including anchorages and accessories. In total, 55.86 t of strand were needed for the ducted tendons. Utracon also carried out the stressing work on all DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems and supplied the girder steel molds and the required casting yard equipment.

New bridge also in Bukit Beruang

In the district of Bukit Beruang that has considerably grown within the last few years, another new bridge was built at the Persimpangan Lebuhraya Tutong Telisai/Jalan Perumahan Bukit Beruang Junction to relieve traffic. The four lane viaduct consists of two spans, each 30 m long and 23 m wide. The reinforced concrete deck is supported by 13 PSPC T-girders, each 30 m long. Each of the girders was post-tensioned using three tendons.

In total, the construction of the new flyover in Bukit Beruang required 78 strand tendons with a total strand tonnage of 44 t. Utracon also provided the steel formwork for casting the T-beams.

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