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Meccano-type structure with enormous variety of applications

With its launching at the end of 2009 in the bridge construction project over the river Danube in Romania, the MK System is entering with success those markets and niche markets where it has been tested.

The ULMA Construccion's MK System is a product with an enormous variety of possible applications. It is a meccano-type structure which allows of designing highly variable configurations: from high load-bearing capacity structures of civil engineering to lighter structures of building construction, always employing the same basic system components. The light weight of the system components enables to manually assemble large structures in most of the cases. This way, the use of the crane remains reserved to the lifting of structure sets previously assembled on the ground. This is a fundamental factor to save construction costs of projects.

The MK System offers interesting aspects for sale as well as for rent. The main investment consists in the acquisition of the basic system component, the waler, while the specific accessories for each application only account for a minor part of the costs. In contrast to other products which can only be used for a particular application, the MK System offers the possibility to use the majority of the system parts in numerous configurations. This substantially increases the product's efficiency; by augmenting the degree of utilisation of each parts, the investment becomes less.

Basic applications of the MK System up to date are: Shoring Towers MK-150 and MK-360, Truss MK, Wall Formwork Systems HMK and VMK, Table Forms MK, Climbing Brackets BMK and SBF, Inside Platform KSP and Perimeter Windshield HWS. Several more applications are currently under development.

Some of the basic applications for highly complex structures have started to be used in civil engineering projects resulting in great acceptance by both, the customers as well as the technical-commercial network.

This is for example the case of form carriers capable of taking the shape of longitudinal concrete structures such as bridges and tunnels. The formwork is fixed to the structure consisting of MK walers and specific accessories which can be supported on a concrete base in case it must bear loads due to concrete placement, or it can roll on rails to reach the next pouring stage.

The following form carriers have been developed up to now:

  • Deck flange form carrier: It is mainly used to build the wings of concrete bridges with a metal core.
  • Parapet form carrier: It is used for the construction of protection parapets with which the edges of the bridge wings get frequently equipped.
  • Cut-and-cover tunnel form carrier: It is used to shape the vault of cut-andcover tunnels.
  • Vertical formwork carrier: It sustains the formwork in the construction of tunnels and channels.

Especially when facing to form a particular and customised structure, the MK System offers the solution of such an application by employing standard parts. This distinctive feature of the MK System has facilitated its rapid acceptance, and with it the promotion of ULMA Construccion in niche markets where up to now it has been rather complicated to make a competitive offer. This is the case of the branches in Poland, Peru, Brazil and Canada; some others have made experiences with the product and the rest is awaiting the moment to do so. The progress of the MK System seems to be unstoppable and it is expected to turn soon into one of the star products of ULMA Construccion.

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