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Fairway SkyGardens: Cantilever pools on the 30th floor

Fairway SkyGardens is a major modern condominium development project that was built in the city of Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte in Sri Lanka. The luxurious high-rise building features two cantilever private pools on the 30th floor and a cantilever 120 m high rooftop sky garden on the 31st floor.

In Sri Lanka, the use of post-tensioning systems is not very widespread yet. Therefore, strand tendons proved themselves as an innovative solution in the parking garage area: The initial design included non-prestressed reinforcement in the beams. This would have meant that the beams necessary for supporting the long roof slabs between the supports would have jutted very far into the room.

This design proved to be unrealistic because the headroom for cargo vehicles would have been insufficient. Therefore, the beams were redesigned as post-tensioned beams and Utracon was invited to supply and install a suitable beam post-tensioning system, which managed to reduce the depth of beams, thereby achieving the required headroom.

Cantilever pools and a cantilever sky garden

The two 10 m long pools with a 4.7 m cantilever and the rooftop sky garden with a 5.9 m cantilever were also only possible with the strand post-tensioning systems supplied by Utracon. In order to support the long cantilevers, Utracon installed the strand post-tensioning systems in the cantilever beams, the roof slabs and the walls of the swimming pools. Despite the congested reinforcement with only small interstices, Utracon was able to successfully install the post-tensioning systems thanks to the close cooperation with the team of the General Contractor Maga.

18.2 t of strand were installed

In total, 18.2 t of strand were used for this project; the post-tensioning systems used were Type 4-0.6" and 7-0.6" post-tensioning systems, which were supplied including anchorages and accessories.


Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka

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