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Exceptional architecture: Australia 108 in Melbourne

With a total height of 319 m, the Australia 108 project is the country´s second tallest skyscraper. It is located in Melbourne’s Southbank District and will include 1,105 apartments on 100 floors.

The upper part of the building features a starburst that symbolizes the Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag. It cantilevers 6 m out from the building façade at a height of 210 m and includes a sky garden and two swimming pools.

At levels 40-47 and 65-68, extremely high loads and forces acted on the supporting structure that would have resulted in reinforcement congestion. For the Australia 108, the GEWI® Plus System including couplers was used in order to optimize the cross sections of the columns and wing walls at levels 40-47 and 65-68. The tendons were specially cut to length for this project.

260 t of high strength reinforcement bars

In total, DYWIDAG-Systems International Pty. Ltd., Australia supplied 260 t of high strength reinforcement bars, grade 670/800 N/mm², 50, 57, 63.5 and 75 mm. The tendons are both in accordance with local ACRS Approval T1002 and the Australian reinforcement norm AS/NZ 4671.

Furthermore, 63.5 mm Ø reinforcement bars with a double 11 degree bend and specially designed cranked couplers were installed. In addition, 20 t of high tensile 75 mm Ø, grade 835-1030 N/mm² post- tensioning bars according to ACRS approval T1003 and AS/NZ 4672, the norm for post- tensioning bar and strand, were used in this project.

The design methods had been adapted to fit within Eurocode and had been checked against Australian standards. The threadbar system proved to be easy to use on the building site, including the coupling of the bars. It prevented a redesign of concrete cross-sections.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (2020)

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