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Elegant pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Liège, Belgium

The Belgian city of Liège now has a new, centrally located pedestrian and bicycle bridge that connects the district of Guillemins and the city's new train station with Park Boverie. The elegant steel suspension bridge with its diagonal hangers is 294 m long and crosses the Meuse River with a main span of 163 m and a height of approximately 8 m. The bridge deck has a wooden cover and is 7 m wide.

The two prefabricated main elements of the steel bridge were positioned in only a few days using three floating cranes. For this purpose, the largest element was positioned first and then anchored to the previously prepared foundation blocks using bar post-tensioning systems with posterior bond.

Main element is 140 m long and weighs 430 t

The largest, approximately 140 m long, 430 t main element cantilevered over the river during construction before the gap was closed from the park side by the approximately 60 m long, 100 t smaller element. To permit a free cantilevering of the main element without any intermediate support, the element was actively stressed against the foundation block using a total of ten bar post-tensioning tendons. Afterwards, the bar post-tensioning system was grouted to achieve corrosion protection.

In total, 4.6 t of bar tendons were used

In all of the other, smaller foundation blocks 18 mm to 47 mm Ø bar post-tensioning systems were successfully installed and stressed. In total, bar tendons with a total tonnage of 4.6 t were used.

Thanks to the close cooperation between the Engineer, the General Contractor and DYWIDAG-Systems International, an anchoring solution was found that combined the advantages of high anchoring forces, little required space, low anchor slip and easy installation despite the difficult conditions on site.


Liège, Liège, Wallonia, Belgium (2016)

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