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Brantas Bridge makes longest toll road in Indonesia possible

The 177.12 km long Solo-Kertosono also known as the Soker Toll Road is a major project that is currently under construction on the Indonesian island of Java. Once completed, this road will be the longest toll road in Indonesia and lead through eight different provinces. As the eastern component of the Trans Java Toll Road, this section will connect the provinces of Jombang and Mojokerto with Surabaya, the country's second largest city on the eastern coast of Java, considerably simplifying the transportation of goods and passenger traffic in this part of the island.

The DSI licensees PT Delta Systech Indonesia and DYWITECH Co. Ltd., Taiwan supplied DYWIDAG Systems for the construction of the Brantas Bridge, which is part of a 40.5 km long section of the Solo-Kertosono Toll Road from Mojokerto to Kertosono. The bridge is located in the 19.9 km long Section II.

522 t of longitudinal prestressing tendons for the box girders

The structure consists of two parallel box girders crossing the Brantas River. Each of the main spans is 145 m long, with the total length of the bridges measuring 300 m. The box girders have a width of 16 m. PT Delta Systech Indonesia supplied and installed 522 t of longitudinal prestressing tendons for the box girders. The post-tensioning systems that were used were DYWIDAG Strand Tendons with Type MA 6819 Anchorages.

The bridges were built using the balanced cantilever method with four sets of form travelers supplied by DYWITECH Taiwan. One form traveler was used per side on each structure, and the form travelers were simultaneously operated from both sides. This method ensured fast construction progress even at high water levels and did not obstruct shipping traffic underneath the bridge.

PT Delta Systech Indonesia and DYWITECH Taiwan cooperated closely during the operation of the form travelers and supported Wiecon Consultants, Taiwan, in developing the technical design.


East Java, Indonesia (2017)

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