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Audi’s new DesignCenter in Ingolstadt, Germany

In October 2014, construction work for a new DesignCenter began on Audi AG's factory premises in Ingolstadt. After completion within approx. 300 working days, the German car manufacturer will use this facility for the development of new concepts and models.

The modern reinforced concrete structure was built in two sections. In order to ensure the high quality of the exposed concrete surfaces, a new formwork system with a formwork sequence was used for the construction of the DesignCenter. The formwork sequence was developed by the general contractor MAUSS.

Modellwerkstatt_1 is located in the basement of the building. As a factory model workshop, it was designed with a headroom of 7 m. The Desing_2 area is located above the workshop. Praesentationsebene_3, the presentation area on the fourth floor, completes the building.

Generous areas with small number of supporting columns

The generous areas of the new DesignCenter with only a small number of supporting columns required that several floor slabs be designed and constructed using post-tensioned prestressed concrete. For tensioning the floor slabs above the 1st basement floor, DSI supplied oval tendons without additional reinforcement complete with stressing anchorages and fixed anchorages. The prefabricated tendons that are protected by oval ducts were installed longitudinally and transversally into the slab formwork and tensioned by DSI installation technicians.

For the slabs above the first upper floor and the 1st, 3rd and 4th floor, DSI supplied both oval tendons and post-tensioning systems in round ducts. Both post-tensioning systems were placed horizontally and vertically on the formwork without additional reinforcement. They were supplied complete with stressing anchorages and fixed anchorages and were also tensioned by DSI technicians.

A total of 671 prefabricated, 8–76 m long tendons with a total weight of 146 t as well as 364 tendons, 26–51 m long, with a total weight of 125 t were installed in the five aforementioned slabs of the new DesignCenter. In addition to the stressing and fixed anchorages, 40 coupling anchors were installed.

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