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Andreas Jähring

The following bibliography contains all the publications known to and listed in Structurae. The list may not provide a complete bibliography for this person.

  1. Fischer, Oliver / Müller, Andreas / Jähring, Andreas (2014): Assessment and Re-Analysis of Existing RC / PC Bridges in Germany. General Aspects and Exemplary Presentation of an Incrementally Launched 2 x 3 Lane Autobahn bridge Across the Danube. Presented at: Eight International Conference on Bridges across the Danube, Timisoara (Romania) and Belgrade (Serbia), October 2013, pp. 299-313.


  2. Müller, Andreas / Jähring, Andreas / Goj, Karl / Fischer, Oliver (2013): Nachrechnung der Donaubrücke Ingolstadt (BAB A9) bis zur Stufe 4 der Nachrechnungsrichtlinie. In: Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, v. 108, n. 9 (September 2013), pp. 603-619.


  3. Streit, Walter / Jähring, Andreas (2007): Improving infrastructure – saving of resources as a criterion for the award of public works contracts?. Presented at: IABSE Symposium: Improving Infrastructure Worldwide, Weimar, Germany, 19-21 September 2007, pp. 572-573.