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Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge - First stay cables by Freyssinet

A huge step forward for this great project: the first stay cable was installed on April 3rd on the Europe pylon. Freyssinet supply and install the stay cables for the 3rd Bosphorus bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Köprüsü) in Turkey. The structure will form part of the North Marmara Motorway (Kuzey Marmara Otoyolu), which will bypass the city and cross the Bosphorus to the north of Istanbul, thus relieving road traffic in the city and on the two existing suspension bridges further south. When the bridge is complete, Freyssinet will set a new record for the world's longest cable-stayed bridge (1,408 m), following on from the Normandy Bridge in 1994 (856 m) and the Russky Island Bridge in 2012 (1,104 m, the current record). ©Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI - Filmed by Little Darwin Films

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Created in/on: 2 June 2015

Freyssinet / YouTube

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Last updated on: 25/06/2020

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