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Study on Deformation Law of Deep Foundation Pit with the Top-Down Method and Its Influence on Adjacent Subway Tunnel


Medium: journal article
Language(s): English
Published in: Advances in Civil Engineering, , v. 2020
Page(s): 1-15
DOI: 10.1155/2020/8852336

Based on a long-term comprehensive instrumentation program, the performance of an excavation pit constructed by the top-down method in downtown Kunming was extensively examined. The measured excavation responses included the deflections of diaphragm wall, vertical column movement, slab axial force, building settlement caused by ground deformation, and the influence of pit excavation on the adjacent subway tunnel. This paper analyses the monitoring data of the existing construction stage. Based on the analyses on the data of field and numerical simulation, the following major findings were obtained: (1) the relationship between the measured maximum wall deflection,<" > δ h m , and excavation depth,<" id="M2"> H, in this study is<" id="M3"> δ h m = 0.06 % H ∼ 0.27 % H, which is quite different compared with the relationship of soft-soil pit<" > δ h m = 0.02 % H ∼ 1.2 % H, but closer to the normalized curve of rock-socketed pile<" > δ h m = 0.01 % H ∼ 0.45 % H and rock-socketed diaphragm wall<" > δ h m = 0.031 % H ∼ 0.129 % H . (2) The relationship between the maximum settlement of column ( <" > δ p ) and excavation depth ( <" > H) is<" id="M9"> δ p = − 0.09 % ∼ 0.04 % H . The maximum distortion between the diaphragm wall and the column is less than 1/500 of the limit range proposed by Bjerrum. (3) The impact range caused by excavation is about 3.8 times the maximum excavation depth. The ground settlement around the foundation pit is groove type, and the maximum settlement point is located at 2.7 times the maximum excavation depth. (4) The excavation of the foundation pit leads to the maximum vertical settlement of 2 mm and maximum horizontal displacement of 5.2 mm in the subway tunnel; the maximum change of axial force and bending moment are 8.8 kN (the vertical direction) and 6.4 kN·m/m (the horizontal direction), respectively.

Copyright: © Yue Gui et al.

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