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On Post-Buckling Behavior of Edge Cracked Functionally Graded Beams Under Axial Loads

Medium: journal article
Language(s): en 
Published in: International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, , n. 4, v. 15
Page(s): 1450065
DOI: 10.1142/s0219455414500655

This paper presents the post-buckling analysis of an edge cracked cantilever beam composed of functionally graded material (FGM) subjected to axial compressive loads by using the total Lagrangian Timoshenko beam element approximation. Material properties of the beam change in the height direction according to the exponential distribution. The cracked beam is modeled as an assembly of two sub-beams connected through a massless elastic rotational spring. For beams subjected to compression loads, the load rise causes compressible forces and therefore buckling and post-buckling phenomena occurs. It is known that post-buckling problems are geometrically nonlinear problems. The highly nonlinear problem considered herein is solved incrementally by using the finite element method in conjunction with the Newton–Raphson method, by which the full geometric nonlinearity is considered. There is no restriction on the magnitudes of deflections and rotations in contradistinction to the von Karman strain displacement relations of the beam. In the study, the effects of the location and depth of the crack, and different material distributions on the post-buckling behavior of the FGM beam are investigated in detail.

Structurae cannot make the full text of this publication available at this time. The full text can be accessed through the publisher via the DOI: 10.1142/s0219455414500655.
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