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A Comparative Study on Bio-Inspired Algorithms in Layout Optimization of Construction Site Facilities


Medium: journal article
Language(s): English
Published in: Civil Engineering Dimension / Dimensi Teknik Sipil, , n. 2, v. 20
Page(s): 102
DOI: 10.9744/ced.20.2.102-110

A good arrangement of site layout on a construction project is a fundamental component of the project's efficiency. Optimization on site layout is necessary in order to reduce the transportation cost of resources or personnel between facilities. Recently, the use of bio-inspired algorithms has received considerable critical attention in solving the engineering optimization problem. These methods have consistently provided better performance than traditional mathematical-based methods to a variety of engineering problems. This study compares the performance of particle swarm optimization (PSO), artificial bee colony (ABC), and symbiotic organisms search (SOS) algorithms in optimizing site layout planning problems. Three real-world case studies of layout optimization problems have been used in this study. The results show that SOS has a better performance in comparison to the other algorithms. Thus, this study provides useful insights to construction practitioners in the industry who are involved in dealing with optimization problems

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