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Tall Buildings

From Engineering To Sustainability

Editor(s): Y. K. Cheung
K. W. Chau
Medium: conference proceedings
Language(s): en 
ISBN-10: 9812566201
ISBN-13: 978-9812566201
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
Conference: Sixth International Conference on Tall Buildings (ICTB), Hong Kong, China, 6-8 December 2005
Page(s): 1168
Year: 2005
DOI: 10.1142/5996
Notes: A collection of papers presented at the Sixth International Conference on Tall Buildings (ICTB), this volume clearly explains the engineering and socio-economic aspects of tall buildings in specific areas of sustainability. The papers focus on Asian cities, where tall buildings have become a major feature of the built environment. A multi-disciplinary book, it also deals with the increasing complexity of inter-related problems that require knowledge integration from different disciplines. With interesting contributions from distinguished practitioners, academics and policy makers, the book addresses the development and application of knowledge in solving problems related to tall buildings.
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