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The structure and facade interface and the challenges of engineering tall building facades


Medium: conference paper
Language(s): English
Conference: 35th Annual Symposium of IABSE / 52nd Annual Symposium of IASS / 6th International Conference on Space Structures: Taller, Longer, Lighter - Meeting growing demand with limited resources, London, United Kingdom, September 2011
Published in:
Year: 2011

The building skin to the main structure interface is a controlling factor in the final aesthetics of any facades. Joints in the building enclosure that accommodate structural movements not only alter appearance, but may also dictate the façade systems that can be used. The interface between the structural frame and the curtain wall facades of a tall building is one of the most important issues to be addressed during the design phases.

Potential risk areas within the design process are highlighted in this paper, showing the flow of design information. Guidance is given on the different façade loads that need to be anticipated within the main structure. This is followed by an illustration of the type of structural performance controlled by façade design requirements and accommodation of structural movements and construction tolerances.

tolerances tall buildings movements High-rise façade engineering
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