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Research and Realization of Airport Security Simulation System


Medium: conference paper
Language(s): en 
Conference: 2012 International Conference on Civil, Architectural and Hydraulic Engineering (ICCAHE 2012), August 10-12th 2012, Zhangjiajie (China)
Published in:
Page(s): 879-886
DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.209-211.879

This paper put forward a new security assessment method for solving the problem of airport security assessment. In this method, the computer simulation technology is used to establish airport''s virtual model, the perspective projection method is applied to achieve simulation roaming, and the fault tree analysis is utilized to evaluate the virtual model''s security. By modularizing the method described above, the Airport Security Simulation System is developed successfully basing on the UG platform. An example, at the end of the paper, is given to show the application of the system. The result shows that this system is rational and pragmatic in airport security and safety risk evaluation.


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