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Radnor Bridge

Part of a System: the Context as an Experience

 Radnor Bridge
Author(s): (Creative Strategist. Founder Interrelated Ltd, London, England)
(Architect. Founder McDaniel Woolf, London, England)
Medium: conference paper
Language(s): English
Conference: Footbridge 2022: Creating Experience, Madrid, Spain, 07-09 September 2022
Published in:
DOI: 10.24904/footbridge2022.229

Two residents of southwest London living either side of the River Thames, Richard Woolf (architect) and Mark Wing (creative strategist) continue to drive an initiative to convert the community’s ‘need’ for a footbridge into a ‘desire’ to see it realised. Described in their initial paper which Mark delivered at Footbridge 2014 in London, the aim is to build a cycle and pedestrian bridge within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to connect two sides of the River Thames, separated by only 100m of water, namely;

  • On the east side (Surrey station) is Ham Lands – inaccessible, with leisure walks, nature reserves, heritage sites, polo grounds and sailing clubs, but with poor access to transport links.
  • On the west side (Middlesex station) is Strawberry Hill and Twickenham – densely populated, served well by major transport systems, with busy roads and places for education and work, but limited access to outdoor amenity space.
footbridge pedestrian experience Twickenham Ham Cycle Radnor Thames active travel

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