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The new arch bridge on the Valnerina valley


Medium: conference paper
Language(s): English
Conference: 35th Annual Symposium of IABSE / 52nd Annual Symposium of IASS / 6th International Conference on Space Structures: Taller, Longer, Lighter - Meeting growing demand with limited resources, London, United Kingdom, September 2011
Published in:
Year: 2011

In the 2005 the ANAS, the Italian authority of roads administration, emitted a competitive tender for the construction of a new road between the city of Terni and the city of Rieti. The new road crosses the Nera valley in a point which is about one kilometer from the famous Marmore waterfalls.

Taking into account the high value of the land crossed, a new geometry has been developed for the new arch bridge which crosses the valley for 300 m with an elevation of 70m above the Nera river.

The main steel structure is made from a pair of frames erected side by side which are tilted 14°.

Each frame is made up of a succession of main and secondary arches built with steel pipes which are 2.2m in diameter. The main arch across the Nera river has a span of 170m.

Due to the difficult terrain, the presence of the river and of the SR209 road, the construction was particularly delicate. Strands were used to restrain the arches and the structure during the cantilever construction stages.

Given its unique appearance the bridge represents an ideal entrance to the Valnerina Valley.

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