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Giacomo Tempesta

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Coppola, Michele / Poli, Giulia / Tempesta, Giacomo (2020): Villa San Marco at Stabia. Dynamics of decay and perspectives for deepening and safeguarding. In: Procedia Structural Integrity, v. 29 ( 2020).


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  3. Satta, Maria Luisa / Ruggieri, Nicola / Tempesta, Giacomo / Galassi, Stefano (2021): Remains of the ancient colonnade in the archaeological site of Pompeii, Italy: vulnerability analysis and strengthening proposal. In: Journal of Cultural Heritage, v. 52 (November 2021).


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  6. Galassi, Stefano / Dipasquale, Letizia / Ruggieri, Nicola / Tempesta, Giacomo (2018): Andalusian Timber Roof Structure in Chefchaouen, Northern Morocco: Construction Technique and Structural Behavior. In: Journal of Architectural Engineering (ASCE), v. 24, n. 3 (September 2018).


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  9. Paradiso, Michele / Rapallini, Marta / Tempesta, Giacomo (2003): Masonry domes. Comparison between some solutions under no tension hypothesis. Presented at: First International Congress on Construction History, Madrid, 20-24.01.2003.
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