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Federica Rosso ORCID

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Rosso, Federica / Ciancio, Virgilio / Dell'Olmo, Jacopo / Salata, Ferdinando (2020): Multi-objective optimization of building retrofit in the Mediterranean climate by means of genetic algorithm application. In: Energy and Buildings, v. 216 (June 2020).


  2. Castaldo, Veronica Lucia / Pigliautile, Ilaria / Rosso, Federica / Cotana, Franco / De Giorgio, Francesco / Pisello, Anna Laura (2018): How subjective and non-physical parameters affect occupants’ environmental comfort perception. In: Energy and Buildings, v. 178 (November 2018).


  3. Falasca, Serena / Ciancio, Virgilio / Salata, Ferdinando / Golasi, Iacopo / Rosso, Federica / Curci, Gabriele (2019): High albedo materials to counteract heat waves in cities: An assessment of meteorology, buildings energy needs and pedestrian thermal comfort. In: Building and Environment, v. 163 (October 2019).


  4. Salata, Ferdinando / Golasi, Iacopo / Ciancio, Virgilio / Rosso, Federica (2018): Dressed for the season: Clothing and outdoor thermal comfort in the Mediterranean population. In: Building and Environment, v. 146 (December 2018).


  5. Rosso, Federica / Pisello, Anna Laura / Cotana, Franco / Ferrero, Marco (2016): On the thermal and visual pedestrians' perception about cool natural stones for urban paving: A field survey in summer conditions. In: Building and Environment, v. 107 (October 2016).


  6. Mariani, Silvia / Rosso, Federica / Ferrero, Marco (2018): Building in Historical Areas: Identity Values and Energy Performance of Innovative Massive Stone Envelopes with Reference to Traditional Building Solutions. In: Buildings, v. 8, n. 2 (January 2018).


  7. Rosso, Federica / Jin, Weihua / Pisello, Anna Laura / Ferrero, Marco / Ghandehari, Masoud (2016): Translucent marbles for building envelope applications: Weathering effects on surface lightness and finishing when exposed to simulated acid rain. In: Construction and Building Materials, v. 108 (April 2016).


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