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Morteza Naghipour ORCID

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Naghipour, Morteza / Ahmadi, Mohsen / Nematzadeh, Mahdi (2022): Effect of concrete confinement level on load-bearing capacity of steel-reinforced concrete (SRC) columns under eccentric loading: Experiment and FEA model. In: Structures, v. 35 (January 2022).


  2. Rahmani, Zohreh / Naghipour, Morteza / Nematzadeh, Mahdi (2021): Structural behavior of prestressed self‐compacting concrete‐encased concrete‐filled steel tubes beams. In: Structural Concrete, v. 22, n. 4 (June 2021).


  3. Mousavi Davoudi, Seyed Ali / Naghipour, Morteza (2020): Presentation of Critical Buckling Load Correction Factor of AISC Code on L-Shaped Composite Columns by Numerical and Experimental Analysis. In: International Journal of Steel Structures, v. 20, n. 5 ( 2020).


  4. Naghibdehi, Maysam Ghasemi / Naghipour, Morteza / Rabiee, Mahmood (2015): Ponašanje slojevito mikroarmiranih betonskih greda izloženih cikličkom opterećenju. Behaviour of functionally graded reinforced-concrete beams under cyclic loading. In: Građevinar, v. 67, n. 5 ( 2015).


  5. Nematzadeh, Mahdi / Naghipour, Morteza / Jalali, Javad / Salari, Abolghasem (2017): Experimental study and calculation of confinement relationships for prestressed steel tube-confined compressed concrete stub columns. In: Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, v. 23, n. 6 (June 2017).


  6. Arefi, Shahin Lale / Naghipour, Morteza / Turskis, Zenonas / Nematzadeh, Mehdi (2014): Evaluation of Grooving Method To Postpone Debonding of Frp Laminates in Wpc-frp Beams. In: Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, v. 20, n. 2 (April 2014).


  7. Naghipour, Morteza / Nemati, Marzieh / Jalali, Javad / Nematzadeh, Mehdi (2019): Ocjena utjecaja aktivnog i pasivnog ovijanja na karakteristike savijanja betonom ispunjenih čeličnih cijevi (Assessing influence of active and passive confinement on flexural behaviour of CFST beams). In: Građevinar, v. 71, n. 6 (July 2019).


  8. Nematzadeh, Mahdi / Salari, Abolghasem / Ghadami, Jaber / Naghipour, Morteza (2016): Stress-strain behavior of freshly compressed concrete under axial compression with a practical equation. In: Construction and Building Materials, v. 115 (July 2016).


  9. Nematzadeh, Mahdi / Fazli, Saeed / Naghipour, Morteza / Jalali, Javad (2017): Experimental study on modulus of elasticity of steel tube-confined concrete stub columns with active and passive confinement. In: Engineering Structures, v. 130 (January 2017).


  10. Naghipour, Morteza / Arefi, Shahin Lale / Nematzadeh, Mehdi (2013): Performance of longitudinal grooves to prevent debonding of GFRP sheets used for the reinforcement of WPC beams. In: European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, v. 17, n. 9 (October 2013).


  11. Nooralizadeh, Amin / Naghipour, Morteza / Nematzadeh, Mahdi / Zamenian, Hamed (2017): Experimental evaluation of steel plate shear walls stiffened with folded sheets. In: International Journal of Steel Structures, v. 17, n. 1 ( 2017).


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