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Akihiko Hokugo ORCID

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Himoto, Keisuke / Mukaibo, Kyosuke / Akimoto, Yasuo / Kuroda, Ryo / Hokugo, Akihiko / Tanaka, Takeyoshi (2013): A Physics-Based Model for Post-Earthquake Fire Spread considering Damage to Building Components Caused by Seismic Motion and Heating by Fire. In: Earthquake Spectra, v. 29, n. 3 (August 2013).


  2. Ghezelloo, Yegane / Hokugo, Akihiko: Effectiveness of gathering activities and spaces for community recovery in GEJET-2011-affected areas. In: Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering.


  3. Araki, Yuko / Tsuboi, Sotaro / Hokugo, Akihiko (2020): Patterns of emergency shelters in coastal plains a case study after the great east Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in Higashi‐Matsushima City. In: Japan Architectural Review, v. 3, n. 4 (April 2020).


  4. Ohtsu, Nobuhito / Hokugo, Akihiko / Pinheiro, Abel Táiti Konno / Lee, Jihyang (2020): Feasibility of evacuating vulnerable people during a tsunami: Comparing assistant velocities with a wheelchair, transport chair, and rollator on three different inclines outdoors. In: Japan Architectural Review, v. 3, n. 2 (April 2020).


  5. Ohtsu, Nobuhito / Hokugo, Akihiko (2019): Velocity and transportation ability of vulnerable people during a community tsunami evacuation drill: Outdoor evacuation using a rollator, transport chair, wheelchair, and cart in Shinyo Bokomi, Kobe, Japan. In: Japan Architectural Review, v. 2, n. 4 (September 2019).


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