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Joana Carla Soares Gonçalves ORCID

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Brandão, Rafael / Marcondes, Mônica Pereira / De Benedetto, Gisele S. / Gonçalves, Joana Carla Soares / Silva Duarte, Denise Helena / Ramos, Jose Ovídio (2008): The new research centre of the Brazilian Petroleum Company in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The achievements in the thermal performance of air-conditioned buildings in the tropics. In: Energy and Buildings, v. 40, n. 10 (January 2008).


  2. Gonçalves, Joana Carla Soares / Dolce, Mônica / Mulfarth, Roberta C. Kronka / Lima, Eduardo Gasparelo / Ferreira, Amanda (2018): Revealing the thermal environmental quality of the high-density residential tall building from the Brazilian bioclimatic modernism: The case-study of Copan building. In: Energy and Buildings, v. 175 (September 2018).


  3. Rodrigues, Lucelia / Tubelo, Renata / Pasos, Alan Vega / Gonçalves, Joana Carla Soares / Wood, Christopher / Gillott, Mark: Quantifying airtightness in Brazilian residential buildings with focus on its contribution to thermal comfort. In: Building Research & Information.


  4. dos Santos Dolce Uzum, Monica / Gonçalves, Joana Carla Soares: The thermal performance of compact housing in tall buildings: an analytical examination for the retrofit of façades in the densified city centre of São Paulo. In: Architectural Science Review.


  5. Marcondes Cavaleri, Mônica Pereira / Cunha, Guilherme Reis Muri / Gonçalves, Joana Carla Soares (2018): Iluminação natural em edifícios de escritórios: avaliação dinâmica de desempenho para São Paulo. In: PARC Pesquisa em Arquitetura e Construção, v. 9, n. 1 (March 2018).


  6. Marcondes, Mônica Pereira / Mueller, Cecília Mattos / Brandão, Rafael Silva / Shimomura, Alessandra Rodrigues Prata / Brunelli, Gustavo / Leme, Gisele Saveriano De Benedetto Paes / Gonçalves, Joana Carla Soares / Silva Duarte, Denise Helena / Frota, Anésio Barros (2010): Conforto e desempenho térmico nas edificações do novo centro de pesquisas da Petrobras no Rio de Janeiro. In: Ambiente Construído, v. 10, n. 1 (March 2010).


  7. Gonçalves, Joana Carla Soares (2016): Sustainability: A Clarion Call for a New Approach. In: Architectural Design, v. 86, n. 3 (April 2016).


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