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Anastasios Drougkas ORCID

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Drougkas, Anastasios / Sarhosis, Vasilis / D'Alessandro, Antonella / Ubertini, Filippo (2022): Homogenisation of masonry structures subjected to seismic loads through matrix/inclusion micromechanics. In: Structures, v. 38 (April 2022).


  2. Drougkas, Anastasios / Esposito, Rita / Messali, Francesco / Sarhosis, Vasilis (2021): Analytical Models to Determine In-Plane Damage Initiation and Force Capacity of Masonry Walls with Openings. In: Journal of Engineering Mechanics (ASCE), v. 147, n. 11 (November 2021).


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  5. Loverdos, Dimitrios / Sarhosis, Vasilis / Adamopoulos, Efstathios / Drougkas, Anastasios (2021): An innovative image processing-based framework for the numerical modelling of cracked masonry structures. In: Automation in Construction, v. 125 (May 2021).


  6. Drougkas, Anastasios / Verstrynge, Els / Van Balen, Koenraad / Shimoni, Michal / Croonenborghs, Thibauld / Hayen, Roald / Declercq, Pierre-Yves: Country-scale InSAR monitoring for settlement and uplift damage calculation in architectural heritage structures. In: Structural Health Monitoring.


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