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Rostislav Drochytka

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Hodul, Jakub / Mészárosová, Lenka / Drochytka, Rostislav / Struhárová, Alena (2021): Polymer repair products containing fly ash contaminated by denitrification process. In: Construction and Building Materials, v. 267 (January 2021).


  2. Drochytka, Rostislav / Dufek, Zdenek / Michalčíková, Magdaléna / Hodul, Jakub: Study of Possibilities of Using Special Types of Building and Demolition Waste in Civil Engineering. In: Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering.


  3. Drochytka, Rostislav / Zach, Jirí / Korjenic, Azra / Hroudová, Jitka (2013): Improving the energy efficiency in buildings while reducing the waste using autoclaved aerated concrete made from power industry waste. In: Energy and Buildings, v. 58 (March 2013).


  4. Taranza, Luboš / Drochytka, Rostislav (2013): Verification of the Efficiency of Anti-Corrosion Systems for Reinforced Concrete Constructions in a Laboratory Environment. In: Applied Mechanics and Materials, v. 357-360 (August 2013).


  5. Drochytka, Rostislav / Černý, Vít (2020): Influence of fluidized bed combustion fly ash admixture on hydrothermal synthesis of tobermorite in the mixture with quartz sand, high temperature fly ash and lime. In: Construction and Building Materials, v. 230 (January 2020).


  6. Drochytka, Rostislav / Ledl, Matej / Bydzovsky, Jiri / Zizkova, Nikol / Bester, Johannes (2019): Use of Secondary Crystallization and Fly Ash in Waterproofing Materials to Increase Concrete Resistance to Aggressive Gases and Liquids. In: Advances in Civil Engineering, v. 2019 ( 2019).


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  9. Drochytka, Rostislav / Magdaléna, Kociánová (2017): Options for the remediation of embankment dams using suitable types of alternative raw materials. In: Construction and Building Materials, v. 143 (July 2017).


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