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Mathieu Arquier

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Fliscounakis, Agnès / Ferradi, Mohammed-Khalil / Arquier, Mathieu (2022): Externally prestressed concrete: anchor block 3D yield design. Presented at: IABSE Symposium: Challenges for Existing and Oncoming Structures, Prague, Czech Republic, 25-27 May 2022.


  2. Vincent, Hugues / Arquier, Mathieu / Bleyer, Jeremy / de Buhan, Patrick (2018): Yield Design Based Numerical Analysis of Three-dimensional Reinforced Concrete. Presented at: IABSE Symposium: Tomorrow’s Megastructures, Nantes, France, 19-21 September 2018.


  3. El Boustani, Chadi / Bleyer, Jeremy / Arquier, Mathieu / Ferradi, Mohammed-Khalil / Sab, Karam (2020): Elastoplastic and limit analysis of 3D steel assemblies using second-order cone programming and dual finite-elements. In: Engineering Structures, v. 221 (October 2020).


  4. El Boustani, Chadi / Bleyer, Jeremy / Arquier, Mathieu / Ferradi, Mohammed-Khalil / Sab, Karam (2020): Dual finite-element analysis using second-order cone programming for structures including contact. In: Engineering Structures, v. 208 (April 2020).


  5. Cespedes, Xavier / Tosini, Luciano / Arquier, Mathieu (2017): Towards a fully digital modelling of structural joints at ULS. Presented at: IABSE Conference: Creativity and Collaboration – Instilling Imagination and Innovation in Structural Design, Bath, United Kingdom, 19-20 April 2017.


  6. Ferradi, Mohammed Khalil / Cespedes, Xavier / Arquier, Mathieu (2013): A higher order beam finite element with warping eigenmodes. In: Engineering Structures, v. 46 (January 2013).


  7. Tosini, Luciano / Arquier, Mathieu / Cespedes, Xavier (2017): Towards a Fully Digital Modelling of Steel Joints at ULS. Presented at: Footbridge 2017 Berlin - Tell A Story, 6-8.9.2017, Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin).


  8. Arquier, Mathieu / Cespedes, Xavier (2015): Limit analysis for civil engineering structures. Presented at: IABSE Conference: Structural Engineering: Providing Solutions to Global Challenges, Geneva, Switzerland, September 2015.


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