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Osama Abdeljaber ORCID

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Almutairi, Mohammad / Nikitas, Nikolaos / Abdeljaber, Osama / Avci, Onur / Bocian, Mateusz (2021): A methodological approach towards evaluating structural damage severity using 1D CNNs. In: Structures, v. 34 (December 2021).


  2. Abdeljaber, Osama / Avci, Onur / Kiranyaz, Serkan / Gabbouj, Moncef / Inman, Daniel J. (2017): Real-time vibration-based structural damage detection using one-dimensional convolutional neural networks. In: Journal of Sound and Vibration, v. 388 (February 2017).


  3. Alabbasi, Sateh / Hussein, Mohammed / Abdeljaber, Osama / Avci, Onur (2020): A numerical and experimental investigation of a special type of floating-slab tracks. In: Engineering Structures, v. 215 (July 2020).


  4. Catbas, Fikret Necati / Celik, Ozan / Avci, Onur / Abdeljaber, Osama / Gül, Mustafa / Do, Ngoan Tien (2018): Sensing and Monitoring for Stadium Structures: A Review of Recent Advances and a Forward Look. In: Frontiers in Built Environment, v. 3 (February 2018).


  5. Abdeljaber, Osama / Avci, Onur (2016): Nonparametric Structural Damage Detection Algorithm for Ambient Vibration Response: Utilizing Artificial Neural Networks and Self-Organizing Maps. In: Journal of Architectural Engineering (ASCE), v. 22, n. 2 (June 2016).


  6. Avci, Onur / Abdeljaber, Osama (2016): Self-Organizing Maps for Structural Damage Detection: A Novel Unsupervised Vibration-Based Algorithm. In: Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities (ASCE), v. 30, n. 3 (June 2016).


  7. Do, Ngoan T. / Gül, Mustafa / Abdeljaber, Osama / Avci, Onur (2018): Novel Framework for Vibration Serviceability Assessment of Stadium Grandstands Considering Durations of Vibrations. In: Journal of Structural Engineering (ASCE), v. 144, n. 2 (February 2018).


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