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Gold Plated Arts Hamid Ghaffari

Gold Plated Arts Hamid Ghaffari

Expert for gilding of exeptional quality; interior and exterior / outdoor gilding on domes, facades, etc

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Notes & Comments

"Apart from conventional gilding techniques, our specialty is the development and design of artistic gold leaf surfaces, which we also create according to our clients‘ individual specifications. Gilding is done by experts, using traditional techniques.
We offer high-gloss gilding, oil gilding, gilding on glass, as well as mordant gilding (wax).
Our fine surface treatments may be applied onto nearly any material, such as wood, fibreglass, Vivak, Perspex, metals, glass, etc.

Furthermore, we are experts in the interior and exterior gilding of domes and facades - custom designs according to your individual specifications are available.
Among our clients are architects, designers, artists, and interior designers, predominantly from the Arab world and from South East Asia." [Text provided by Hamid Ghaffari]

Gold Plated Arts Hamid Ghaffari

Contact Information

Address: Gold Plated Arts
Hamid Ghaffari
Arndtstr. 10
45473 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Phone: +49 (0)208 / 9692507
E-mail: info@goldarts.de
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