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# Name Year Location Status
1 Asansör 1907 Izmir Turkey in use
2 Ascensor de Begoña Bilbao Spain in use
3 Bad Schandau Elevator 1904 Bad Schandau (SN) Germany in use
4 Bailong Elevator 2002 Zhangjiajie China in use
5 Castelletto Levante Elevator 1910 Genoa (LG) Italy in use
6 Castelletto Ponente Elevator 1929 Genoa (LG) Italy in use
7 Cuneo Panoramic Lift 2009 Cuneo (PM) Italy in use
8 Elevador da Lada Porto Portugal in use
9 Hammetschwand Elevator 1905 Lucerne (LU) Switzerland in use
10 Hürlimann-Areal Elevator Zurich (ZH) Switzerland in use
11 Lacerda Elevator 1873 Salvador (BA) Brazil in use
12 Limmat Footbridge & Promenade Elevator 2007 Baden (AG) Switzerland - Ennetbaden (AG) Switzerland in use
13 Lleida Elevator Lleida Spain in use
14 Magenta-Crocco Elevator 1933 Genoa (LG) Italy in use
15 Mattelift 1897 Berne (BE) Switzerland in use
16 National Lift Tower 1982 Northampton (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
17 Olaizaga Elevator and Footbridge 2011 Elgóibar Spain in use
18 Pfaffenthal Elevator 2016 Luxembourg Luxembourg in use
19 Pfullingen Peoplemover 2001 Pfullingen (BW) Germany in use
20 Rorschach Elevator 2012 Rorschach (SG) Switzerland in use
21 Santa Caterina del Sasso Elevator 2010 Leggiuno (LM) Italy in use
22 Santa Justa Elevator 1902 Lisbon Portugal in use
23 Schindler Tower 1992 Sevilla Spain in use
24 Solae 2007 Inazawa Japan in use
25 Sutaungpyei Pagoda Elevator Mandalay Myanmar in use
26 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Test Tower 2017 Rottweil (BW) Germany under construction
27 Trenbide Elevator 2015 Elgóibar Spain in use
28 Zarautz Elevator 2008 San Sebastián Spain in use