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Shaw Bridge

General Information

Completion: 1870
Status: out of service

Project Type

Structure: Whipple type truss bridge
Function / usage: Road bridge
Material: Steel bridge


Location: , , ,
Address: Van Wyck Lane
  • Claverack Creek
Coordinates: 42° 12' 54.73" N    73° 43' 43.49" W

Technical Information


total length 49.37 m


arches steel


The bridge is a Whipple Bowstring truss, built by John D. Hutchinson of Troy, New York, whose father, also John Hutchinson, had been responsible for building 35 Whipple-patent bridges over the state canals in the 1850s. Only four other examples of this patented truss type are known in the State.

162 feet (49.3 m) in length, the Shaw Bridge is the only known double-span example of this patent.

Until the road was rerouted in 1931, this road was part of the main road between New York and Albany. The bridge is permanently closed to traffic.

The Bridge ("Double Span Whipple Bowstring Truss Bridge") was entered on the National Register of Historic Places 1980-04-18.


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