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Rio Higuamo Bridge

General Information

Other name(s): Puente Mauricio Baez
Beginning of works: 1999
Completion: 19 January 2007
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: Cable-stayed bridge with semi-fan system
Function / usage: Road bridge
Material: main bridge:
Steel-concrete composite bridge
approach viaducts:
Reinforced concrete bridge


Location: ,
  • Higuamo River
Coordinates: 18° 30' 2.16" N    69° 20' 15.37" W

Technical Information


main span 390 m
width 24.90 m
total length 613.8 m
span lengths 3 x 37.3 m - 390 m - 3 x 37.3 m
number of lanes 6


deck composite


19 January 2007

Opened to traffic.


The main span is steel-concrete composite structure; its length is 390m; the total length of the bridge is 620m. The side spans are all reinforced concrete structure.

The towers are Lambda shaped with inclined legs made of concrete while the top shaft is steel.

The deck is streamlined by aluminum aerodynamic fairings in order to get the required stability for design wind speeds up to 240 km/h: the site is prone to tropical hurricanes. Energy absorbing devices link the deck to the substructures in order to withstand the earthquake action.


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