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Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge

General Information

Other name(s): Walkway Over the Hudson
Beginning of works: 1886
Completion: 1 January 1889

Project Type

Structure: Cantilever truss bridge
Function / usage: original use:
Railroad (railway) bridge
current use:
Bicycle and pedestrian bridge
Material: Steel bridge


Location: , , ,
  • Hudson River
Coordinates: 41° 42' 38.20" N    73° 56' 40.99" W

Technical Information


total length 2 062.89 m
span lengths of main bridge 5 x 160 m


truss steel


8 May 1974

A fire damages a roughly 210 meter part on the eastern portion of the bridge. Rail services on the bridge are subsequently suspended indefinitely as the damage is never repaired by the railroad company and the line that the bridge served is taken out of commission.

3 October 2009

After the installation of a concrete slab deck, the bridge is re-opened officially as the "Walkway Over the Hudson".


(role unknown)

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