Peldar Bridge

General Information

Beginning of works: 2001
Completion: 2003
Status: in use

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Location: , ,
Coordinates: 6° 10' 25.00" N    75° 35' 33.00" W
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Technical Information


main span 121 m
span length of lowest traverse 121 m - 60 m
deck width 18.6 m
piles length 30 m
pylon height 50 m


pylon reinforced concrete
deck prestressed concrete


The deck plan is practically straight with a constant width of 18.6 meters and a cross section with high torsional inertia. The deck is a tri-cellular concrete box girder with a 2.40 meter edge. The deck is internally post-tensioned with longitudinal and transversal tendons. The bridge has stays on two planes.

The bridge has two planes of stays of 121 and 60 meters connected to a central column. The stays are 12 meters apart. The three access span sections are around 20 meters. The central pylon is reinforced concrete with a rectangular cross section and variable width in both directions. The maximum height is 50 meters and is slightly inclined. At the crown there is a metal seat which reduces the dimensions of the pylon as well as the number of stay anchors required. The structure can be found on the alluvial plain of the Medellin River and for this reason the foundations are deep. The piles are 1.5 meters in diameter and some of them reach 30 meters deep.

The bridge is in Colombia in a medium grade seismic zone and has been calculated for a spectrum with a maximum acceleration of 5 m/s2. The design has been carried out in accordance with the specifications of the Colombian Standard which are similar in many respects to AASTHO.



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