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Daniel Webster Hoan Memorial Bridge

General Information

Other name(s): Hoan Bridge
Completion: 1973
Status: in use

Project Type


Location: , , ,
Address: Interstate 794 (I-794)
  • Milwaukee River
Coordinates: 43° 1' 50.52" N    87° 54' 0.77" W
Coordinates: 43° 0' 55.10" N    87° 53' 43.66" W
Coordinates: 43° 1' 30.24" N    87° 53' 55.64" W

Technical Information


main span 182.9 m
width 15.8 m
total length 3 057.8 m
number of lanes 6
vertical navigation clearance 36.6 m


arches steel
girders steel



Completion of the bridge.


Opened to traffic after completion of access roads.

December 2000

Two of the three girders supporting a section of the southbound lanes fail, causing them to sag nearly 3 meters. The bridge is immediately closed. The damaged section is later removed by explosive demolition.

13 December 2000

A section of the approach spans visibly sags. Two of three girders have full depth cracks. The bridge is closed to traffic.

28 December 2000

The most critically damaged section is removed by explosive demolition.

November 2001

The damaged section is opened to traffic after having been rebuilt. Total cost fo removal of the damaged parts and reconstruction is US$ 19 million.

November 2001

The bridge reopens after extensive repairs and retrofitting. An investigation concluded that improperly installed transverse beams combined with a period of extreme cold and snow contributed to the partial collapse.


Initial construction (1970-1973)
Consulting engineers

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