Pumped-storage reservoirs

The database currently contains a total of 30 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Barrage de la Coche 1975 Aigueblanche (73) France in use
2 Bedford Dam 2016 Free State South Africa in use
3 Bramhoek Dam 2016 KwaZulu-Natal South Africa in use
4 Chiotas Dam 1982 Entracque (PM) Italy in use
5 Driekloof Dam 1989 Western Cape South Africa in use
6 Feldsee Dam 1980 Obervellach (KTN) Austria in use
7 Geesthacht Upper Reservoir 1958 Geesthacht (SH) Germany in use
8 Glingebach Dam 1968 Finnentrop (NRW) Germany in use
9 Goldisthal Hydroelectric Power Plant 2003 Goldisthal (TH) Germany in use
10 Haselstein Reservoir 1968 Obervellach (KTN) Austria in use
11 Hohenwarte II Hydroelectric Dam 1966 Hohenwarte (TH) Germany in use
12 Hornberg Upper Reservoir 1974 Herrischried (BW) Germany in use
13 In den Schlagen Dam 1936 Einsiedeln (SZ) Switzerland in use
14 Innerfragant Reservoir 1967 Obervellach (KTN) Austria in use
15 Koepchenwerk Upper Reservoir 1930 Herdecke (NRW) Germany in use
16 Langenprozelten Hydroelectric Plant 1975 Lohr am Main (BY) Germany in use
17 Latschau Reservoir 1975 Tschagguns (VBG) Austria in use
18 Les Esserts Dam 1973 Finhaut (VS) Switzerland in use
19 Marquisades Dam 1974 Les Mazures (8) France in use
20 Pumpspeicherwerk Markersbach - Oberbecken 1981 Raschau-Markersbach (SN) Germany in use
21 Pumpspeicherwerk Markersbach - Unterbecken Raschau-Markersbach (SN) Germany in use
22 Schmalwasser Dam 1993 Tambach-Dietharz (TH) Germany in use
23 Shadow Mountain Dam 1946 Grand County (CO) USA in use
24 Sterkfontein Dam 1980 Free State South Africa in use
25 Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Dam 1963 Reynolds County (MO) USA collapsed
26 Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir Dam 2010 Reynolds County (MO) USA in use
27 Tehri Dam 2006 Tehri India in use
28 Vieux-Emosson Dam 1955 Finhaut (VS) Switzerland in use
29 Waldeck II Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Plant 1974 Waldeck (HE) Germany in use
30 W├Âlla Dam 1984 Obervellach (KTN) Austria in use