Quadripartite rib vaults

The database currently contains a total of 15 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Cathédrale Saint-Siffrein 1519 Carpentras (84) France in use
2 Church of Saint John Baptist Dortmund (NRW) Germany in use
3 Collégiale Notre-Dame de Dole 1574 Dole (39) France in use
4 Collégiale Saint-Barnard 1250 Romans-sur-Isère (26) France in use
5 Donjon du Château de Vincennes 1370 Vincennes (94) France in use
6 Église Saint-Jacques de Perros-Guirec Perros-Guirec (22) France in use
7 Franciscan Church (Salzburg) Salzburg (SBG) Austria in use
8 Mary Queen of the Rosary Church 1915 Demmin (MV) Germany in use
9 Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral 1813 Mexico City Mexico in use
10 Milan Cathedral 1577 Milan (LM) Italy in use
11 Petrikirche Dortmund (NRW) Germany
12 Sagrario 1768 Mexico City Mexico in use
13 Saint James' Church Antwerp Belgium in use
14 Saint John's Church Maastricht Netherlands in use
15 Thomaskirche 1496 Leipzig (SN) Germany in use