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# Name Year Location Status
1 1025 Exposition Boulevard Los Angeles (CA) USA in use
2 515 Centre Street Newton (MA) USA in use
3 Abbaye Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul de Solignac Solignac (87) France in use
4 Abdul Aziz Mosque Gibraltar United Kingdom
5 Abdul Rahman Mosque 2009 Kabul Afghanistan in use
6 Abu Darweesh Mosque Amman Jordan in use
7 Abuja National Mosque 1984 Abuja Nigeria in use
8 Adler Planetarium 1930 Chicago (IL) USA in use
9 Aga Khan Mausoleum 1959 Aswan Egypt in use
10 Agape Family Worship Center (Grand Cayman) George Town Cayman Islands in use
11 Agios Minas Cathedral 1895 Heraklion Greece in use
12 Ahat Jami Mosque 1999 Donetsk Ukraine in use
13 Ahmadiyya Mosque 1928 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
14 Akshardham 2005 Delhi India in use
15 Al Fateh Grand Mosque Manama Bahrain in use
16 Al-Noor Mosque Khartoum North Sudan in use
17 Alabama State Capitol 1851 Montgomery (AL) USA in use
18 Aladja Mosque 1519 Skopje Macedonia in use
19 Alai Darwaza 1311 Delhi India in use
20 Alberta Legislative Building 1913 Edmonton (AB) Canada in use
21 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn Estonia in use
22 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral 1912 Sofia Bulgaria in use
23 Ali Pasha Mosque 1561 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina in use
24 Almaty Central Mosque 1999 Almaty Kazakhstan in use
25 Almaty Circus 1972 Almaty Kazakhstan in use
26 Almoravid Koubba 1064 Marrakech Morocco in use
27 Alte Emscher Pumping Station 1914 Duisburg (NRW) Germany in use
28 Altes Museum 1830 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
29 Amazon Theater 1896 Manaus (AM) Brazil in use
30 Amiens Municipal Circus Amiens (80) France in use
31 Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall 1915 Bangkok Thailand in use
32 Angouleme Cathedral Angoulême (16) France in use
33 Anzeigerhochhaus 1928 Hanover (NI) Germany in use
34 AQUApark Oberhausen 2009 Oberhausen (NRW) Germany in use
35 Aréna Maurice-Richard 1962 Montreal (QC) Canada in use
36 Arkansas State Capitol 1915 Little Rock (AR) USA in use
37 Armenian Cathedral of Saint Gregory the Illuminator São Paulo (SP) Brazil in use
38 Arthur - The Ride (Europa Park) 2014 Rust (BW) Germany in use
39 As'ad Pasha Khan 1753 Damascus Syria in use
40 Ascension Cathedral 1907 Almaty Kazakhstan in use
41 Assembléia Legislativa de Pernambuco 1876 Recife (PE) Brazil in use
42 Assumption Cathedral 1898 Omsk Russia in use
43 Atikalipasa Mosque 1497 Istanbul Turkey in use
44 Atyaboul Massadjid Mosque 1975 Saint-Pierre Réunion in use
45 Augsburg Synagogue 1917 Augsburg (BY) Germany in use
46 Australian War Memorial 1941 Canberra (ACT) Australia in use
47 Badshahi Mosque 1674 Lahore Pakistan in use
48 Bahá'í House of Worship 1953 Wilmette (IL) USA in use
49 Bahnhof Köln-Deutz Cologne (NRW) Germany in use
50 Bait'ul Futuh Mosque 2003 London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
51 Bajrakli Mosque 1688 Belgrade Serbia in use
52 Baltimore City Hall 1875 Baltimore (MD) USA in use
53 Banco Nacional de Angola 1975 Luanda Angola in use
54 Banya Bashi Mosque 1576 Sofia Bulgaria in use
55 Basilica di San Marco Venice (VN) Italy in use
56 Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta Genoa (LG) Italy in use
57 Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute 1687 Venice (VN) Italy in use
58 Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio L'Aquila (AB) Italy in use
59 Basilica di Santa Maria in Montesanto 1679 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
60 Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń 2004 Stary Lichen (WP) Poland in use
61 Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes 1933 Edegem Belgium in use
62 Basilica of Our Lady of Peace 1989 Yamoussoukro Côte d in use
63 Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception 1866 Boulogne-sur-Mer (62) France in use
64 Basilica of Saint Andrew of Patras 1974 Patra Greece in use
65 Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua Padua (VN) Italy in use
66 Basilica of Saint Lawrence 1905 Asheville (NC) USA in use
67 Basilica of San Bernardino 1472 L'Aquila (AB) Italy in use
68 Basilica of San Gaudenzio 1888 Novara (PM) Italy in use
69 Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio 1134 Milan (LM) Italy in use
70 Basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata 1539 Parma (ER) Italy in use
71 Basilica of the Virgin of the Abandoned 1667 Valencia Spain in use
72 Basilique du Sacré-Coeur 1923 Paris (75) France in use
73 Basilique Saint-Ferjeux 1901 Besançon (25) France in use
74 Bayezid II Mosque 1506 Istanbul Turkey in use
75 Befreiungshalle 1863 Kelheim (BY) Germany in use
76 Belfast City Hall 1906 Belfast (GB-NIR) United Kingdom in use
77 Belgrade Fair - Hall 1 1957 Belgrade Serbia in use
78 Bellegarde-sur-Valserine Station 2010 Bellegarde-sur-Valserine (1) France in use
79 Benghazi Cathedral 1939 Benghazi Libya out of service
80 Berliner Dom 1905 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
81 Bibi-Heybat Mosque 1997 Baku Azerbaijan in use
82 Bibi-Khanym Mosque 1404 Samarkand Uzbekistan in use
83 Blaue Kugel Potsdam (BB) Germany in use
84 Blue Mosque Mazar-e Sharif Afghanistan in use
85 Blue Mosque 1465 Tabriz Iran in use
86 Blue Mosque 1766 Yerevan Armenia in use
87 Bode Museum 1904 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
88 Bodrum Mosque Istanbul Turkey in use
89 Bojangles' Coliseum 1955 Charlotte (NC) USA in use
90 Bonsecours Market 1852 Montreal (QC) Canada in use
91 Bouglione Winter Circus 1852 Paris (75) France in use
92 Bourbaki-Panorama Lucerne (LU) Switzerland in use
93 Bourse de Commerce 1811 Paris (75) France in use
94 British Columbia Parliament Buildings 1898 Victoria (BC) Canada in use
95 Brno Trade Fair Hall Z Brno Czechia in use
96 Broome County Courthouse Binghamton (NY) USA in use
97 Budapest Parliament Building 1903 Budapest Hungary in use
98 Buenos Aires Cathedral 1791 Buenos Aires Argentina in use
99 Cahors Cathedral 1135 Cahors (46) France in use
100 California State Capitol 1874 Sacramento (CA) USA in use