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# Name Year Location Status
1 Berlin Bunker Berlin (BE) Germany in use
2 Bunker Church of the Blessed Sacrament 1942 Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
3 Bunker Sande 1943 Sande (NI) Germany damaged
4 Energy Bunker 1943 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
5 Ferencvárosi Air-Raid Shelter Budapest Hungary out of service
6 Fichtebunker 1876 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
7 Great Blockhaus 1941 Batz-sur-Mer (44) France in use
8 Luftschutzbunker Universitätsstraße 1942 Bochum (NRW) Germany in use
9 Misburg Water Tower 1960 Hanover (NI) Germany in use
10 Pragbunker 1942 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
11 U-Bootbunker Valentin 1945 Bremen (HB) Germany unfinished