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Vierendeel truss bridges

The database currently contains a total of 43 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Alexanderstrasse Footbridge Dortmund (NRW) Germany in use
2 Amine Bridge Espoo Finland in use
3 Anderlecht Railroad Bridge Anderlecht Belgium in use
4 Aspen Way Footbridge London United Kingdom in use
5 Baywalk 1995 Yokosuka Japan in use
6 Bridge across the tracks at Lieusaint Station 1999 Lieusaint (77) France - Moissy-Cramayel (77) France in use
7 Brooksfleet Footbridge Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
8 Bukama Bridge 1928 Bukama Democratic Republic of the Congo in use
9 Chancellor's Bridge 2000 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
10 Comes Creek Footbridge 2011 Sant Climent de Llobregat Spain in use
11 Dalvazza Bridge 1925 Grisons (GR) Switzerland in use
12 De Tanerij 2011 Zwolle Netherlands in use
13 Dolhain Footbridge Limbourg Belgium in use
14 Gellik Railroad Bridge Gellik Belgium out of service
15 Geneva Street Bridge 1938 Glendale (CA) USA in use
16 Glenoaks Boulevard Bridge 1938 Glendale (CA) USA in use
17 Great Wharf Road Bridge London United Kingdom
18 Gustav Heinemann Bridge 2005 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
19 Harlech Castle Footbridge 2015 Harlech United Kingdom in use
20 Horizontweg Energieberg Georgswerder 2013 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
21 Kanne Bridge Kanne Belgium demolished
22 Kenilworth Avenue Bridge 1936 Glendale (CA) USA in use
23 Laeken Rail Bridge 1942 Brussels Belgium in use
24 Lanaye Bridge 1935 Eben-Emael Belgium - Visé Belgium demolished
25 Marexhe Bridge 1934 Liège Belgium demolished
26 Meerhout Bridge Meerhout Belgium dismantled
27 Monkwearmourth Railway Bridge 1879 Sunderland United Kingdom in use
28 Monsin Island Railroad Bridge Liège Belgium out of service
29 Noltemeyer Bridge 2000 Hanover (NI) Germany in use
30 Osera de Ebro Bridge 2002 Osera de Ebro Spain in use
31 Passerelle La Ralentie 1999 Rennes (35) France in use
32 Pont de Naou-Hounts 1931 Bagnères-de-Luchon (31) France in use
33 Pont du Port nautique de Nancy Nancy (54) France in use
34 Randan Bridge 1920 Randan (63) France in use
35 Reading Station Transfer Deck Reading United Kingdom in use
36 Rio Barbaña Footbridge Ourense Spain in use
37 Rue Denis-Lecocq Railroad Bridge Angleur Belgium in use
38 Scheepsdalebrug Bruges Belgium to be demolished
39 Stratford Town Centre Link Bridge 2010 London United Kingdom in use
40 Suchdol R1/519 Motorway Bridge Prague Czechia project phase
41 T-11 Footbridges Tarragona Spain in use
42 Vilafant Footbridges 2011 Vilafant Spain in use
43 Zumaia Footbridge Zumaia Spain in use