Truss bridges

The database currently contains a total of 3911 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 104th Avenue Bridge 1964 Chicago (IL) USA in use
2 105 Street Bridge 1913 Edmonton (AB) Canada in use
3 1050th Avenue Bridge 1922 Adams County (IL) USA in use
4 106th Street Bridge 1928 Chicago (IL) USA in use
5 127th Street Bridge 1968 Crestwood (IL) USA in use
6 130th Street Bridge 1949 Chicago (IL) USA in use
7 14th Street Viaduct Hoboken (NJ) USA in use
8 26th Street Bridge 1936 East Saint Louis (IL) USA in use
9 69th Street Transfer Bridge New York (NY) USA out of service
10 A 11 Bascule Bridge Bruges Belgium in use
11 A 231 Carrión River Bridge Carrión de los Condes Spain in use
12 A-6 Footbridge Madrid Spain in use
13 A-8 Directional Ramp Bridge Bilbao Spain in use
14 A1 Motorway Bridge 1997 Salzburg (SBG) Austria in use
15 A3 Bridge across the Rhine-Herne Canal 1976 Oberhausen (NRW) Germany in use
16 A7 Footbridge Valence (26) France in use
17 Abbeville Gate Footbridge 2015 Amiens (80) France in use
18 Abbie Creek Bridge 1932 Henry County (AL) USA out of service
19 Abercorn Ramp Footbridge Savannah (GA) USA in use
20 Aberdeen Railway Bridge Aberdeen (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use
21 Abernethy Creek Bridge 1933 Clackamas County (OR) USA in use
22 Abiqua Road Bridge 1926 Marion County (OR) USA in use
23 Abrantes Railroad Bridge 1891 Abrantes Portugal in use
24 Achbrücke Dornbirn Dornbirn (VBG) Austria in use
25 Acton Swing Bridge Acton Bridge (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
26 Adams Covered Bridge 1875 Portersville (OH) USA in use
27 Adams Road Bridge 1924 Umatilla County (OR) USA in use
28 Admiral T. J. Lopez Bridge 1998 Chelyan (WV) USA in use
29 Admiral-Scheer-Brücke 1907 Duisburg (NRW) Germany destroyed
30 Adour Viaduct 1864 Bayonne (64) France demolished
31 Aerial Lift Bridge 1905 Duluth (MN) USA in use
32 Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge 1956 Agassiz (BC) Canada - Chilliwack (BC) Canada in use
33 Agate Passage Bridge 1950 Suquamish (WA) USA in use
34 Agripino Cawich Memorial Bridge 2005 Valley of Peace Belize in use
35 Agua Fria Railroad Bridge Wickenberg (AZ) USA in use
36 Aigeira Railroad Bridge Aigeira Greece in use
37 Aigi Bridge Kakamigahara Japan - Konan Japan in use
38 Aiken Street Bridge 1883 Lowell (MA) USA in use
39 Aime Viaduct Aime (73) France in use
40 Aishihik River Bridge Haines Junction (YT) Canada in use
41 Aixovall Bridge Sant Julià de Lòria Andorra in use
42 Akkagawa Bridge 1976 Iwate Japan in use
43 Akkerwinde Bridge 2008 Sneek Netherlands in use
44 Akrobaten Footbridge 2011 Oslo Norway in use
45 Al Marazeek Bridge Dahshur Egypt in use
46 Al-Sarafiya bridge Baghdad Iraq in use
47 Alamuchee Bridge 1861 Livingston (AL) USA in use
48 Aland Creek Railroad Bridge 2008 Seehausen (Altmark) (ST) Germany in use
49 Alaska Highway Bridge 1944 Southeast Fairbanks (AK) USA in use
50 Alaska Highway Bridge 1944 Southeast Fairbanks (AK) USA in use
51 Alaska Highway Bridge 1944 Southeast Fairbanks (AK) USA in use
52 Alaska Highway Bridge 1944 Southeast Fairbanks (AK) USA in use
53 Alaska Native Veteran's Honor Bridge 1967 Nenana (AK) USA in use
54 Albany Bridge 1858 Albany (NH) USA in use
55 Albany Northern Railroad Bridge Albany (NY) USA demolished
56 Albert Bridge 1875 Brisbane (QLD) Australia destroyed
57 Albert Bridge 1893 Brisbane (QLD) Australia in use
58 Alberthafen Bridge 1894 Dresden (SN) Germany in use
59 Albion River Bridge 1944 Mendocino County (CA) USA in use
60 Alcácer do Sal Bascule Bridge Alcácer do Sal Portugal in use
61 Alcoa Road Bridge 1923 Massena (NY) USA demolished
62 Aldan River Bridge Tommot Russia in use
63 Alder Lane Bridge 1960 Tuolumne County (CA) USA in use
64 Alexander Valley Road Bridge 1949 Sonoma County (CA) USA in use
65 Alexandra Bridge 1901 Ottawa (ON) Canada - Hull (QC) Canada in use
66 Alexandra Bridge 1958 Alexandra New Zealand in use
67 Alfenzbrücke 2010 Bludenz (VBG) Austria in use
68 Alfred H. Smith Memorial Bridge 1924 Castleton-on-Hudson (NY) USA in use
69 Alfred-Lion-Steg 2012 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
70 Alleestrasse Bridge 2003 Herne (NRW) Germany in use
71 Allen Mill Creek Bridge Chambers County (AL) USA demolished
72 Allen Road Bridge 1956 West Chester Township (OH) USA demolished
73 Allens Bridge 1909 Orleans County (NY) USA in use
74 Alphen aan den Rijn Lift Bridge 1938 Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands in use
75 Alt Vinnhorst Bridge 1913 Hanover (NI) Germany demolished
76 Altamont Pass Road Bridge 1907 Alameda County (CA) USA in use
77 Alte Geestebrücke 1904 Bremerhaven (HB) Germany in use
78 Alte Späthbrücke 1992 Berlin (BE) Germany out of service
79 Altoona Haupt Truss Bridge 1854 Altoona (PA) USA out of service
80 Alvarado Bridge Alvarado (VER) Mexico in use
81 Am Rodelberg Footbridge 1999 Bocholt (NRW) Germany in use
82 Amasar River Bridge Russia Russia
83 Ambridge-Aliquippa Bridge 1926 Ambridge (PA) USA - Aliquippa (PA) USA in use
84 Amelia Earhart Bridge 1939 Atchison (KS) USA - Buchanan County (MO) USA in use
85 Amerika Bridge Penig (SN) Germany in use
86 Amfreville Lock Footbridge Amfreville-sous-les-Monts (27) France - Poses (27) France in use
87 Amherst Street Footbridge Cambridge (MA) USA in use
88 Amper Canal Bridge Fürstenfeldbruck 1990 Fürstenfeldbruck (BY) Germany in use
89 Andelfingen Railroad Bridge 1857 Andelfingen (ZH) Switzerland - Kleinandelfingen (ZH) Switzerland in use
90 Anderson Bridge 1910 Singapore Singapore in use
91 André Blouin Footbridge 2014 Amqui (QC) Canada in use
92 Andritsa Viaduct Lerna Greece - Andritsa Greece
93 Anduze Rail Bridge Anduze (30) France in use
94 Angedair Footbridge Landeck (TIR) Austria
95 Angelroda Viaduct 1879 Angelroda (TH) Germany in use
96 Anghel Saligny Bridge 1895 Cernavoda Romania - Fetesti Romania out of service
97 Anhalter Bahnbrücke 1990 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
98 Anhée Railroad Bridge Anhée Belgium in use
99 Ann Street Railroad Bridge Parkersburg (WV) USA
100 Annan Millennium Bridge 2002 Annan (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use