Stressed ribbon bridges

The database currently contains a total of 63 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Aaresteg Rupperswil 2010 Rupperswil (AG) Switzerland in use
2 Almazán Footbridge Almazán Spain in use
3 Birchweid Footbridge 1965 Pfäffikon (ZH) Switzerland in use
4 Börstel-Brücke 2000 Löhne (NRW) Germany in use
5 Conveyor Bridge of the Holderbank-Wildegg Cement Factory 1964 Möriken-Wildegg (AG) Switzerland
6 Dlouhá lávka 2002 České Budějovice Czechia in use
7 Doctor D. Pedro Gómez Bosque Footbridge 2011 Valladolid Spain in use
8 East Golf Cart Bridge Rancho Santa Fe (CA) USA in use
9 Erlebnisbrücke 2006 Ronneburg (TH) Germany in use
10 Essing Bridge 1986 Essing (BY) Germany in use
11 Eutinger Waagsteg 1991 Pforzheim (BW) Germany in use
12 Fehrlesteg 2011 Schwäbisch Gmünd (BW) Germany in use
13 FEUP Foobridge Porto Portugal in use
14 Frýdek-Místek Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge 2009 Frýdek-Místek Czechia in use
15 Funes Footbridge 2009 Funes (TT) Italy in use
16 Glacis Bridge 1999 Ingolstadt (BY) Germany in use
17 Hayahinomine Bridge 1977 Japan Japan in use
18 Hureai Bridge 2003 Japan Japan in use
19 International Expo No. 9 Bridge 1969 Osaka Japan
20 Karlssteg 1970 Freiburg im Breisgau (BW) Germany in use
21 Kent Messenger Millennium Bridge 2000 Maidstone (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
22 Kikko Bridge 1991 Japan Japan in use
23 Kilmacanogue Footbridge 2000 County Wicklow Ireland in use
24 Lake Hodges Bridge 2009 Escondido (CA) USA in use
25 Lignon Footbridge 1971 Vernier (GE) Switzerland - Bernex (GE) Switzerland in use
26 Lubień Footbridge 2011 Lubień (MA) Poland in use
27 Mamihara Bridge 1995 Mamihara Japan in use
28 Max-Gleißner-Brücke 2013 Tirschenreuth (BY) Germany in use
29 Metolong Dam Bridge B 2013 Metolong Lesotho in use
30 Mkomaas River Pedestrian Bridge 2007 KwaZulu-Natal South Africa in use
31 Mohawk Bridge 1808 Schenectady (NY) USA demolished
32 Mori-no-wakuwaku Hashi Iwaki Japan in use
33 Mosbach Stressed Ribbon Bridge 1997 Mosbach (BW) Germany in use
34 Mülimatt Footbridge 2010 Brugg (AG) Switzerland - Windisch (AG) Switzerland in use
35 National Taiwan University Experimental Forest Footbridge 2017 Nantou Taiwan in use
36 Nordbrücke 2003 Rostock (MV) Germany in use
37 Nozomi Bridge Ninohe Japan in use
38 Nymburk Footbridge Nymburk Czechia in use
39 Pacaltsdorp Pedestrian Bridge 2015 George South Africa in use
40 Pasarela Elorz Pamplona Spain in use
41 Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Bridge 2012 Fort Worth (TX) USA in use
42 Plovdiv Footbridge 1989 Plovdiv Bulgaria in use
43 Puente Leonel Viera 1965 La Barra Uruguay - Punta del Este Uruguay in use
44 Pùnt da Suransuns 1999 Thusis (GR) Switzerland in use
45 R35 Pedestrian Overpass 2007 Olomouc Czechia in use
46 Rafael Iglesias Bridge 1974 Alajuela Costa Rica in use
47 Rogue River Pedestrian Bridge 2000 Grants Pass (OR) USA in use
48 Rosenstein Park Pedestrian Bridge II 1977 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
49 Sacramento River Trail Pedestrian Bridge 1990 Redding (CA) USA in use
50 Sant Pere de Terrassa Footbridge 2004 Terrassa Spain in use
51 Shin Mominoki Suspension Bridge Japan Japan
52 Shiosai Bridge 1995 Kakegawa Japan in use
53 Slinky Springs to Fame 2011 Oberhausen (NRW) Germany in use
54 Sorraia River Footbridge 2004 Benavente Portugal in use
55 Svratka River Footbridge 2007 Brno Czechia in use
56 Taojin Bridge 1989 Dongkou China in use
57 Terwillegar Park Footbridge 2016 Edmonton (AB) Canada in use
58 Troja Footbridge 1984 Prague Czechia collapsed
59 TU Berlin Experimental Footbridge 2006 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
60 Ukishima Bridge Okayama Japan in use
61 Vunga Footbridge 2008 Vunga Rwanda in use
62 West Golf Cart Bridge Rancho Santa Fe (CA) USA in use
63 Yume Tsuribashi Bridge 1996 Sera Japan in use