Rigid frame bridges

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# Name Year Location Status
1 't Groentje 2013 Nijmegen Netherlands in use
2 15th Street Overpass (York Subway) 1938 York (NE) USA in use
3 A1 Reno River Bridge 2006 Sasso Marconi (ER) Italy in use
4 A1 Tyne River Bridge 2004 Dunbar (GB-SCT) United Kingdom in use
5 Abbey Bridge 1999 Limerick Ireland in use
6 Acla Chuoz Bridge 2004 Samedan (GR) Switzerland in use
7 Aesculap-Platz Pedestrian Underpass 2012 Tuttlingen (BW) Germany in use
8 Aisne Footbridge 2000 Soissons (2) France - Cuffies (2) France in use
9 Alameda de la Sagra Railroad Flyover 2003 Alameda de la Sagra Spain in use
10 Albatros Bridge Lázaro Cárdenas (MICH) Mexico in use
11 Albert I Bridge 1957 Liège Belgium in use
12 Allmendfeld Overpass 1935 Gernsheim (HE) Germany in use
13 Allmendstrasse Bridge 1958 Zurich (ZH) Switzerland in use
14 Alsea Bay Bridge 1991 Waldport (OR) USA in use
15 Altonaer Straße Railroad Overpass Berlin (BE) Germany in use
16 Alvord Lake Bridge 1889 San Francisco (CA) USA in use
17 Alzette Bridge 2017 Lintgen Luxembourg in use
18 Am Leystapel Footbridge Cologne (NRW) Germany in use
19 Ambarès Railroad Flyover Ambares-et-Lagrave (33) France completed
20 Ampsin Bridge 1978 Ampsin Belgium in use
21 Andeer Motorway Bridge (A13) 1967 Andeer (GR) Switzerland in use
22 Andoain Footbridge 2005 Andoain Spain in use
23 André Lévy Bridge 2014 Montpellier (34) France in use
24 Angoulême Footbridge Angoulême (16) France in use
25 Anhalter Steg 2001 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
26 AP2/FRAC Access Bridge 2015 Dunkirk (59) France in use
27 Apremont-sur-Allier Railroad Bridge Apremont-sur-Allier (18) France in use
28 Aptekarsky most 1975 Saint Petersburg Russia in use
29 Arnsberger Strasse Bridge 1959 Arnsberg (NRW) Germany in use
30 Asahieno Elevated Footway 1976 Japan Japan in use
31 Ashfield Bridge Rochdale (GB-ENG) United Kingdom
32 Asopos Viaduct 1908 Lamia Greece demolished
33 Astakhovsky Bridge 1940 Moscow Russia in use
34 Aufkirchen Footbridge Oberding (BY) Germany in use
35 Augarten Bridge 1931 Vienna Austria in use
36 Aurland Lookout 2006 Aurland Norway in use
37 Autokaderstrasse Bridge Vienna Austria in use
38 Avenida Alcalde Alfonso Molina Footbridge La Coruña Spain in use
39 Ayunose Bridge 1999 Yamato Japan in use
40 B 247 Overpass Bad Langensalza (TH) Germany in use
41 B101 BW 1 2005 Meißen (SN) Germany in use
42 Baakenhafenbrücke 2013 Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
43 Baba Mahmud Bridge Pirbahran Iran in use
44 Bahnhofbrücke 2013 Schwäbisch Gmünd (BW) Germany in use
45 Bahnhofstrasse Overpass 2008 Rutesheim (BW) Germany in use
46 Bärenbrücke 2012 Bernau bei Berlin (BB) Germany in use
47 Basagoiti Viaduct 2008 Aretxabaleta Spain in use
48 Battice Viaduct 2007 Battice Belgium in use
49 Bellinzona-Lugano Rail Viaduct 2014 Camorino (TI) Switzerland in use
50 Benten Viaduct 1996 Kobe Japan in use
51 Bergheim-Glesch Footbridge 2012 Bergheim (NRW) Germany in use
52 Birs Bridge 1935 Liesberg (BL) Switzerland out of service
53 Bischhausen Overpass 2016 Waldkappel (HE) Germany in use
54 Blattenbrücke 2012 Malters (LU) Switzerland in use
55 Bleichinselbrücke 2015 Heilbronn (BW) Germany in use
56 Boismorand Railroad Bridge Boismorand (45) France in use
57 Boltaña Bridge 1972 Boltaña Spain in use
58 Border Bridge over the Sauer River at Wallendorf 1994 Wallendorf (RP) Germany - Reisdorf Luxembourg in use
59 Boulevard Ney Viaduct Paris (75) France in use
60 Boundary Road Overpass 1981 Vancouver (BC) Canada - Burnaby (BC) Canada in use
61 Bouverans Footbridge 2016 Bouverans (25) France in use
62 Brenno River Bridge at Loderio 1995 Biasca (TI) Switzerland in use
63 Bridge across Plaza Central at Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía 1992 Málaga Spain in use
64 Bridge No. 1E 1969 Derby (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
65 Bridge over the A75 at La Mothe 1992 Banassac (48) France in use
66 Bridge over the Saar at Dillingen 1954 Dillingen (SL) Germany - Wallerfangen (SL) Germany in use
67 Bridge over the Truyere at Garabit 1993 Loubaresse (15) France - Ruynes-en-Margeride (15) France in use
68 Brielse Bridge 1968 Brielle Netherlands in use
69 Broadmeadow Estuary Footbridge Malahide Ireland in use
70 Brooktorhafen Bridge Hamburg (HH) Germany project phase
71 Brücke Oberwarter Straße (B63a) Oberwart (BGL) Austria in use
72 Brücke über die Carl-Benz-Strasse Duisburg (NRW) Germany in use
73 Bruyères Bridge Bruyères-sur-Oise (95) France in use
74 BW 36-3 2001 Bavaria (BY) Germany in use
75 BW K2/8A Leonberg (Württemberg) (BW) Germany - Heimsheim (BW) Germany in use
76 Cadore Bridge 1985 Pieve di Cadore (VN) Italy in use
77 Cadore Viaduct 1985 Belluno (VN) Italy in use
78 Calw Footbridge 2014 Calw (BW) Germany in use
79 Canary Wharf Station Footbridge London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom under construction
80 Canyon Creek Bridge Haines Junction (YT) Canada in use
81 Capograssi Bridge 1962 Sulmona (AB) Italy in use
82 Caprivi Bridge 1956 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
83 Carlton Mill Bridge 1929 Christchurch New Zealand in use
84 Carpinteira Footbridge 2009 Covilhã Portugal in use
85 Centre d'Interpretació de l'Aigua i del Madriu (CIAM) Escaldes-Engordany Andorra in use
86 Charlottenburger Brücke 1939 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
87 Chasseneuil-du-Poitou Railroad Flyover Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (86) France completed
88 Châtelard Aqueduct 1925 Finhaut (VS) Switzerland in use
89 Cheongdam Grand Bridge 1999 Seoul South Korea in use
90 Church Street Metra Rail Bridge (East) Evanston (IL) USA in use
91 Clarac Bridge 1962 Clarac (31) France in use
92 Clark Street CTA Rail Bridge Evanston (IL) USA in use
93 Concordiastrasse Railroad Overpass Oberhausen (NRW) Germany in use
94 Corso Italia Viaduct 1915 Bari (PU) Italy disused
95 Croarescio River Bridge 1962 Faido (TI) Switzerland in use
96 Cross Canyon Bridge 1992 Portland (OR) USA in use
97 Dala Gorge Bridge 1989 Leuk (VS) Switzerland - Varen (VS) Switzerland in use
98 Darpestrasse Footbridge Bochum (NRW) Germany demolished
99 Davis Street Metra Rail Bridge Evanston (IL) USA in use
100 De Gasperi Footbridge 2010 Milan (LM) Italy in use