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Railroad (railway) bridges

The database currently contains a total of 3507 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
3401 Wetter Railroad Bridge 1895 Wetter (Ruhr) (NRW) Germany demolished
3402 Wetter Railroad Bridge 1936 Wetter (Ruhr) (NRW) Germany in use
3403 Whirlpool Rapids Bridge 1897 Niagara Falls (NY) USA in use
3404 White Elster Viaduct Weischlitz (SN) Germany in use
3405 White Pass & Yukon Railroad Bridge 1901 Skagway (AK) USA in use
3406 Wickede Railroad Bridge Wickede (Ruhr) (NRW) Germany in use
3407 Wicker Arches 1848 Sheffield (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
3408 Wied Viaduct 1999 Neustadt (Wied) (RP) Germany in use
3409 Wiedauwkaaibrug 1926 Gent Belgium in use
3410 Wiederitzsch Viaduct 1906 Leipzig (SN) Germany in use
3411 Wientalbrücke Vienna Austria in use
3412 Wiesen High-Speed Rail Bridge Bad Staffelstein (BY) Germany in use
3413 Wiesen Viaduct Davos (GR) Switzerland in use
3414 Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke 1961 Bremen (HB) Germany
3415 Wilhelmsbrücke 1848 Frankfurt (HE) Germany demolished
3416 Wilhemsruher Damm Railroad Bridge 1975 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
3417 Willapa River Railroad Bridge 1897 Lebam (WA) USA in use
3418 William J. Dargan Bridge 2002 Dundrum Ireland in use
3419 Williamsburg Bridge 1903 New York (NY) USA in use
3420 Willingen Viaduct 1917 Willingen (Upland) (HE) Germany in use
3421 Willow Point Truss Bridge Johnson City (NY) USA
3422 Wilmarsdonkbrug Antwerp Belgium in use
3423 Wilson Bridge Mulhouse (68) France in use
3424 Wimereux Railroad Bridge Wimereux (62) France in use
3425 Windsor Railway Bridge 1849 Windsor (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
3426 Windsor Road Bridge 2019 Rouse Hill (NSW) Australia under construction
3427 Winona Railroad Bridge 1891 Winona (MN) USA demolished
3428 Winterbourne Viaduct 1902 Winterbourne Down (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
3429 Wipfratalbrücke 2002 Wipfratal (TH) Germany in use
3430 Wishbone Bridge Wolverhampton (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
3431 Witten Viaduct 1916 Witten (NRW) Germany in use
3432 Wittenberg Railroad Bridge 2000 Wittenberg (ST) Germany in use
3433 Wittenberge Railroad Bridge 1852 Wittenberge (BB) Germany demolished
3434 Wittenberge Railroad Bridge 1987 Seehausen (Altmark) (ST) Germany - Wittenberge (BB) Germany in use
3435 Wohlgelegen Railroad Bridge Heilbronn (BW) Germany in use
3436 Wohlrosetalbrücke Gehren (TH) Germany in use
3437 Woimbey Railroad Bridge Woimbey (55) France in use
3438 Wolken Rail Bridge 1847 Bützow (MV) Germany in use
3439 Woluwelaan Railroad Bridge 2012 Zaventem Belgium in use
3440 Worcester railway bridge 1904 Worcester (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
3441 Wörlitz Bridge 1894 Dessau-Roßlau (ST) Germany in use
3442 Worms Railroad Bridge 1900 Worms (RP) Germany in use
3443 Wörsbachtalbrücke 2001 Brechen (HE) Germany in use
3444 Wright's Bridge 1906 Newport (NH) USA - Claremont (NH) USA in use
3445 Wroclaw Railroad Bridge Wroclaw (DS) Poland in use
3446 Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge 1957 Wuhan China in use
3447 Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge 2000 Wuhu China in use
3448 Wujiaping Railway No. 1 Bridge 2001 Guizhou China in use
3449 Wulong River Railway Bridge Fuzhou China
3450 Wümbachtalbrücke 2005 Wolfsberg (TH) Germany in use
3451 Würzburg Railroad Bridge Würzburg (BY) Germany in use
3452 Wutach Viaduct 1890 Stühlingen (BW) Germany in use
3453 X Bridge 1896 Le Mans (72) France destroyed
3454 Xiangjiang Railway Bridge China China
3455 Xiangtan Rail Bridge Xiangtan China in use
3456 Xihuahai Bridge 2009 Guangdong China in use
3457 Xijiang River Bridge Zhaoqing China
3458 Xincheng Bridge 1959 Lanzhou China
3459 Yamaguragawa Bridge Niigata Japan in use
3460 Yamuna Railway Bridge 2000 Delhi India in use
3461 Yanggak Rail Bridge Pyongyang North Korea in use
3462 Yangon-Thanlyin Bridge 1993 Yangôn Myanmar - Thanlyin Myanmar in use
3463 Yanokuchi Bridge 2005 Inagi Japan in use
3464 Yaroslavl Railroad Bridge 1913 Yaroslavl Russia in use
3465 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge 2016 Istanbul Turkey in use
3466 Yeongjong Grand Bridge 2000 Incheon South Korea in use
3467 Yesanhe River Railway Bridge 2010 Hubei China in use
3468 Yijishan Bridge 2018 Wuhu China under construction
3469 Yingshuihe Bridge 1966 China China
3470 Yixiantian Bridge 1966 China China
3471 Yodogawa Bridge 1928 Kyoto Japan in use
3472 Yongdinghe No. 7 Bridge 1966 Yunnan China
3473 Yonne Railroad Bridge Montereau-Fault-Yonne (77) France in use
3474 York Road Railroad Bridge London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
3475 Yoshiigawa Bridge 1971 Japan Japan
3476 Yoshima Bridge 1988 Sakaide Japan in use
3477 Youth Bridge 1974 Zagreb Croatia in use
3478 Yuma Crossing Railroad Bridge 1923 Yuma (AZ) USA in use
3479 Zaepfel Bridge 2007 Strasbourg (67) France in use
3480 Zahlorou Railroad Bridge Mega Spilaio Greece - Zahlorou Greece in use
3481 Zala River Railroad Bridge Zalaegerszeg Hungary
3482 Žampach Railroad Viaduct 1900 Jílové u Prahy Czechia in use
3483 Zaragoza Ebro River Rail Bridge Zaragoza Spain in use
3484 Zaragoza-Delicias Flyover Bridge 2002 Zaragoza Spain in use
3485 Zárate-Brazo Largo Bridge I 1977 Zárate Argentina - Brazo Largo Argentina in use
3486 Zárate-Brazo Largo Bridge II 1977 Zárate Argentina - Brazo Largo Argentina in use
3487 Zemst Railroad Overpass 2012 Zemst Belgium in use
3488 Zemstsesteenweg Rail Overpass 2012 Zemst Belgium in use
3489 Zeppelinbrücke Leipzig (SN) Germany in use
3490 Zerlitzsch Bridge Zeulenroda-Triebes (TH) Germany out of service
3491 Zerpenschleuse Railroad Bridge 1999 Wandlitz (BB) Germany in use
3492 Žeželj Bridge 2018 Novi Sad Serbia under construction
3493 Žeželjev most 1961 Novi Sad Serbia destroyed
3494 Zhicheng Yangtze River Bridge 1971 Zhicheng China in use
3495 Ziegelgrabenbrücke Stralsund (MV) Germany in use
3496 Ziegenrück Viaduct 1894 Ziegenrück (TH) Germany out of service
3497 Ziemes Valley Bridge 1895 Ziegenrück (TH) Germany - Bad Lobenstein (TH) Germany out of service
3498 Zigeunergraben-Talbrücke Oberderdingen (BW) Germany in use
3499 Zijpse Poort Bridge Arnhem Netherlands in use
3500 Znojmo Railroad Bridge 1871 Znojmo Czechia in use