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Pipeline bridges

The database currently contains a total of 126 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Acueducto del Gévora Badajoz Spain in use
2 Amu Darya River Pipeline Bridge 1964 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan Uzbekistan in use
3 Argancy Pipeline Bridge Argancy (57) France in use
4 Arkansas River Pipeline Bridge Redfield (AR) USA in use
5 Arroyo Cangrejillo Pipeline Bridge 1998 Las Estancias Argentina in use
6 Arthur von Weinberg Footbridge 1981 Frankfurt (HE) Germany - Offenbach am Main (HE) Germany in use
7 Avalon Extension Aerial Crossing Patterson (LA) USA
8 BASF Bridge 1996 Antwerp Belgium in use
9 Batella Pipeline Bridge Pavia (LM) Italy in use
10 Bridge No. 329a 1972 Essen (NRW) Germany - Bottrop (NRW) Germany in use
11 Bridge No. 332a 1977 Essen (NRW) Germany - Bottrop (NRW) Germany in use
12 Bridge No. 337 1977 Essen (NRW) Germany in use
13 Bridge No. 346a 1953 Gelsenkirchen (NRW) Germany
14 Bridge No. 357 1986 Herne (NRW) Germany in use
15 Bridge No. 359b 1984 Herne (NRW) Germany in use
16 Bridge No. 421a 1964 Dorsten (NRW) Germany in use
17 Bridge of Flowers 1908 Shelburne Falls (MA) USA in use
18 Campbell River Pipeline Truss Bridge Vancouver Island (BC) Canada in use
19 Champagne Aqueduct Veneux-les-Sablons (77) France - Champagne-sur-Seine (77) France in use
20 Chemainus Gas Pipeline Suspension Bridge Vancouver Island (BC) Canada in use
21 Cowichan Gas Pipeline Suspension Bridge Vancouver Island (BC) Canada in use
22 Danube Canal Pipeline Bridge 1981 Vienna Austria dismantled
23 Danube Pipeline Bridge near Vienna Vienna Austria - Schwechat (NOE) Austria in use
24 Döbling Footbridge 1911 Vienna Austria in use
25 E. L. Patton Yukon River Bridge 1975 Yukon-Koyukuk (AK) USA in use
26 Elkem Power Plant Pipeline Bridge Hellandsbygd Norway in use
27 Flaesheim Pipeline Bridge 1950 Haltern am See (NRW) Germany in use
28 Flaming Gorge Reservoir Pipeline Bridge 1962 McKinnon (WY) USA in use
29 Fraser River Pipeline Bridge Lytton (BC) Canada in use
30 Fulton Pipeline Bridge Fulton (AR) USA in use
31 Gahlensche Strasse Pipeline Bridge Bochum (NRW) Germany demolished
32 Gammams River Pipeline Bridge Windhoek Namibia in use
33 Gaswerksteg Vienna Austria in use
34 Gelsenkirchen Port Pipeline Bridge Gelsenkirchen (NRW) Germany in use
35 Glattbrücke Zwicky-Areal 2014 Wallisellen (ZH) Switzerland in use
36 Greenup Pipeline Bridge Greenup (KY) USA
37 Hampton Loade 1965 Worcestershire United Kingdom in use
38 Hegigio Gorge Pipeline Bridge 2005 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea in use
39 Heraeus AG Pipeline Bridge Kleinostheim (BY) Germany in use
40 Homeland Bridge 2006 Zagreb Croatia in use
41 Jurançon Pipeline Bridge Billère (64) France - Jurançon (64) France in use
42 Kabelsteg 1967 Vienna Austria in use
43 Kagamigawa Pipe Line Bridge 1979 Japan Japan
44 Koksilah River Pipeline bridge Vancouver Island (BC) Canada
45 Lixhe Pipeline Bridge Visé Belgium in use
46 Loa Viaduct 1888 Antofagasta Chile in use
47 Loisy Pipeline Bridge Blénod-lès-Pont-à-Mousson (54) France - Loisy (54) France in use
48 Lynnwood Glen Pedestrian and Pipe Bridge (N1) 2011 Pretoria South Africa in use
49 Mangorei River Water Supply Bridge New Plymouth New Zealand in use
50 Marcellus Pipeline Bridge Marcellus (47) France in use
51 Mayville Footbridge Gonfreville-l'Orcher (76) France in use
52 Mississippi River Pipeline Bridge 1955 Grand Tower (IL) USA in use
53 Moervaart Pipeline Bridge Gent Belgium in use
54 Mühlsteg 1966 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
55 Mur Pipeline Bridge 1951 Graz (STM) Austria in use
56 Nagara Suido Bridge Osaka Japan in use
57 Nanaimo Gas Pipeline Suspension Bridge Vancouver Island (BC) Canada in use
58 Neckarsulm Pipeline Bridge I 1985 Neckarsulm (BW) Germany in use
59 Neckarsulm Pipeline Bridge II 1985 Neckarsulm (BW) Germany in use
60 Neris River Bridge 1989 Vilnius Lithuania in use
61 New Hoechst Bridge 1972 Frankfurt (HE) Germany - Kelsterbach (HE) Germany in use
62 Obergraben Pipeline Bridge Wickede (Ruhr) (NRW) Germany in use
63 Obrenovac Road and Pipeline Bridge 1998 Belgrade Serbia in use
64 Oued Regreg Railroad (Pipeline) Bridge Salé Morocco in use
65 Parc de la Villette Footbridge (II) Paris (75) France in use
66 Passerelle GDF de Vitry Alfortville (94) France - Vitry-sur-Seine (94) France in use
67 Patterson Loop Aerial Crossing Patterson (LA) USA
68 Peace River Pipeline Bridge Taylor (BC) Canada in use
69 Pipe Bridge and Weir 1949 Glasgow United Kingdom in use
70 Pipeline Bridge No. 1 1940 Marl (NRW) Germany in use
71 Pipeline Bridge No. 2 1940 Marl (NRW) Germany in use
72 Pipeline Bridge No. 3 1955 Marl (NRW) Germany in use
73 Pipeline Bridge No. 317a 1940 Oberhausen (NRW) Germany in use
74 Pipeline Bridge No. 339a 1977 Gelsenkirchen (NRW) Germany in use
75 Pipeline Bridge No. 341a 1982 Gelsenkirchen (NRW) Germany in use
76 Pipeline Bridge No. 365a 1985 Herne (NRW) Germany - Castrop-Rauxel (NRW) Germany in use
77 Pipeline Bridge No. 4 1976 Marl (NRW) Germany in use
78 Pipeline Bridge No. 5 1970 Marl (NRW) Germany in use
79 Pipeline Bridge No. 6 1973 Marl (NRW) Germany in use
80 Plattsmouth Pipeline Bridge Plattsmouth (NE) USA - Mills county (IA) USA in use
81 Pont suspendu de l'araignée 1922 Anniviers (VS) Switzerland in use
82 Port of Venice Pipeline Bridge Venice (VN) Italy in use
83 Preston Pipe Bridge 1959 Stockton-on-Tees United Kingdom in use
84 Pridneprovsk Pipeline Bridge 1979 Pridneprovsk Ukraine in use
85 Puntledge Gas Pipeline Suspension Bridge Vancouver Island (BC) Canada in use
86 Railroad bridge across Blitzkuhlenstrasse Recklinghausen (NRW) Germany out of service
87 Remseck Pipeline Bridge 1967 Remseck am Neckar (BW) Germany in use
88 Rio Galindo Pipeline Bridge Barakaldo Spain in use
89 Rockefeller University Footbridge New York (NY) USA in use
90 Rogers Bridge Atlanta (GA) USA out of service
91 Rohrbrücke am Marientor Duisburg (NRW) Germany in use
92 Rohrbrücke der Demag Duisburg (NRW) Germany in use
93 Rohrbrücke über den Werkkanal der Hoechst AG Gersthofen (BY) Germany
94 Röhrensteg Zwickau (SN) Germany in use
95 Ruhrgas Pipeline Bridge 1954 Essen (NRW) Germany - Oberhausen (NRW) Germany in use
96 Ruhrgasrohrbrücke 1969 Essen (NRW) Germany - Bottrop (NRW) Germany in use
97 Rush's Mill Bridge 1869 Reading (PA) USA
98 Savage River Pipeline Bridge 1967 Tasmania (TAS) Australia in use
99 Scotswood Rail Bridge 1871 Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom in use
100 Sele Pipeline Bridge I 1980 Campania (CM) Italy